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In Suite Reception Jitters

We booked our reception suite this weekend and now I'm totally starting to freak out! I just want everything to run smoothly. I only booked this particular suite for one night (because it was 2000k a night and I dare not pay another penny.) So hopefully we are checked in on time. I have a later ceremony so maybe that will work in my favor. The in-suite reception idea is something I recently decided on. I hope things aren't so stressful that I want to change my mind.

How much did you "decorate" your suite?

Any tips for outside catering?

How much work was cleanup?


Re: In Suite Reception Jitters

  • Which suite did you go with? From what others have posted, you may want to get a DOC to help with everything the day of.
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  • What time is your ceremony and what resort?  It is not uncommon for large suites to not be ready until 4, 5 or even 6pm if you're not a guest of the casino, since they usually stick the high rollers in them before paying customers.  If you need to get catering and other vendors in before guests and before ceremony, you definitely want a couple hours of setup time to be available since you don't want your caterer showing up when the suite *might* be available and then find it isn't available for a few hours while the food and the caterer sits around.

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    I have the Emperors Suite as Caesars Palace. We have another, smaller suite for 9 days at Caesars. I have all of the suites linked. They said that may help get an earlier check in time.  But they can't guarantee anything.The standard time is 4pm. The ceremony is at 7, reception will start at 8 or 8:30. I have some dependable guests that will be able to help. My aunt is an event planner so she has volunteered to help set up. I hadn't thought about what time to arrange the catering set up. My only vendors are catering, bartender, photography.

  • But they can't guarantee anything.The standard time is 4pm. The ceremony is at 7, reception will start at 8 or 8:30.

    I hope you hired a day-of coordinator. 
  • I feel your pain! I am in a similar situation in June. I'm choosing to stay positive (for now) that we will be able to check in on time and get things set up before and shortly after the ceremony! We are putting the groomsman to work before just getting things up to the suite, then having food delivered and hiring a bartender to serve the drinks. I've prepped my guest that it'll be no frills and just a party. That way, god forbid something go wrong, I feel a little stress is relieved. 

    Choosing insuite was the right choice for our budget- and I feel the same way you do about not wanting to spend a penny more on the room! So, we can't control anything until day of...The way I figure is, as long as we don't get bumped from the suite it should be ok! Let's say check in is later than expected- I'm planning to direct guest to hang at the bar in the casino until it's ready. 

    Great that you have an event planner in the family! I would think she would be able to do most of what at DOC could do, if you want her to! Good Luck :)
  • I feel your pain! I am in a similar situation in June. I'm choosing to stay positive (for now) that we will be able to check in on time and get things set up before and shortly after the ceremony! We are putting the groomsman to work before just getting things up to the suite,
    I'm just going to be honest with you and say that even if the groomsmen say they have no problem with this, it's not going to leave them filled with happy thoughts.  The last thing I want to be doing on wedding day is hauling someone's stuff around in my tux.  I'm talking from experience too; a friend's wedding in November that I was a GM in, DJ shows up to the reception venue way late, bride, via a bridesmaid, asks all the GM's to help him haul his equipment into the venue because there was no way to get a cart from the parking lot to reception area, so it would have taken him an hour to do it himself.  So here we all are in tuxes carrying speakers and other crap from the parking lot to the venue; a good ten minute walk.  Let's just say that will forever be my primary memory of that wedding reception.

    Married old Las Vegas hag groom - June 2011

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  • Ditto @vegasgroom. I wouldn't be placing any of that on your WP members, despite how much they say they won't mind. They're not going to be rude and tell you that they really don't want to be setting up for you. Definitely look in to a DOC to handle those details so your WP is free to enjoy themselves, as are you!
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    In my case, my aunt would be highly offended if I hired a DOC after she has expressed her desire to help. She's more like a second mother. I didn't ask her, she asked me. Still, my aunt won't have much to do: set up the cake/favor tables and place the floral vases around the suite...My wedding coordinator has also offered her assistance (we are the last ceremony for that day).

    If you are asking the groomsmen, I would just make sure they know ahead of time exactly what you need them to do. You will probably see who is willing and who is not. Luckily we don't have any equipment to transport. Just food, cake, drinks, and flowers.
  • Thanks for the advice @vegasgroom and @tcnoble. It's really just the liquor they will be bringing up to the suite. I don't have any equipment :)   I won't be hiring a DOC to keep costs low.
    Just wanted to share what we will be doing to hopefully ease any stress you may be having vegasbride! 

  • We have the Emporer's Suite on April 25th of this year.  Did they give you grief for bringing in outside caterer/bartender?
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    They can't say no if you never ask! I made sure the policies did not mention it when I booked the suite online.

  • They can't say no if you never ask! I made sure the policies did not mention it when I booked the suite online.

    It's always easier to say "I'm sorry!" than to ask for permission ;)
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  • I just had a wedding reception in the Emperor's Suite. We had originally booked the Absolut Suite. They bumped us from that room day of. Will post more details later, but needless to say it was very stressful and I didn't get the keys until about 6pm. If that had been the actual wedding day I would have had a total meltdown. The first night we had a more casual party that required less coordination.

    On the second night the caterer got stopped coming up to the room. I lost the glassware that was supposed to be provided. I guess they got the food up before being spotted. Have no idea what would have happened then!
  • Aww @Dixxievegas I'm so sorry for all the stress! I'm sure everything was beautiful and your guest probably had no idea of the miss goings
  • dixxievegas:  My stress level just went through the roof!  I'm having a meet and greet on Friday, April 24th in the Emporer's Suite and our reception there the following day, the 25th.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your stressful day........

    Who was your caterer?  Why did they stop them? 

    We have Masterpiece coming....

  • Masterpiece did my catering as well. Had a drop off service the first night, and staffed event the second night. I didn't ask too many questions about what happened when they couldn't bring the glassware up. They set up the second night while we weren't there, meaning I gave them a key the night before and they let themselves in. By the time I got back, the party was basically in full swing. They managed to get 60 champagne flutes up, and I had made some personalized cups, so I just rolled with it.
  • So, you didn't have a problem with the food, just the glassware? :-)

    I just looked at my reservation again, and nowhere on the confirmation does it state we cannot bring in our own vendor.

    So, question for you: I am having drop off heavy appetizers, and the wedding is at 2 at the Flamingo, then the reception back at the suite at 3:00.  Should I wait to have the food brought in until later?  or have it there when the guests arrived.  What did you do?

    I can't wait to see your photos!!

  • Knottie29393801 Talk to Scott @ MasterP he has it down to a science - He'll give you the times and everything - Seriously trust in them - they really are awesome!!
  • Dixie I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm interested to see how you were bumped from the Absolut suite. But now I'm a bit bothered because I also having Masterpiece catering our event. They just seemed so confident when we inquired about past experiences in the Emperors suite.

    I also looked over everything in great detail. There is nothing on the confirmation or website that suggests outside vendors are prohibited.

    Can you explain the situation with the flutes? I can't see why they wouldn't allow you to bring them up.
  • How/why did you get bumped from the Absolut Suite? Did Caesars Palace explain why they did that the day of? So sorry to hear of all the troubles.
  • I took a tour of both Absolut and Emperor's and when I did the CP rep said that the Absolut can not be guaranteed because it's one of a kind. There are numerous Emperor's so I think there's little chance that you'll get bumped. They told me it was damaged but I actually think there were people staying in it. Ultimately, Emperor's has much more seating and the bedrooms are nicer. It also has a full sized fridge which Absolute does not.
  • Dixxievegas - did you have the Absolut suite booked in advance? We've had ours booked for months and I'd hate to find out as soon as we arrive that we're bumped from the room. I know it's the only one they have...just weird they do that to someone who had the room booked in advance.
  • I sure didn't know there is more than one Emperors Suite. After you a night book online, it's sold out for that night. So I just assumed there was only one. I think it's such Bad policy to bump someone who has booked in advance and paid a full deposit.
  • That's funny, because after reading Dixie's posts, I called Caesars and confirmed our suite, and she told me there was only one Emporer's suite.
  • I do know there are two adjoining rooms to the Emperors Suite. But you must book then separately and they're not full suites.
  • I had the Absolute suite booked since October. That's what the rep told me about the Emperors Suite, I don't have other sources. When they gave me that room I got all four bedrooms with it, including the 2 that you mention. All four rooms had bathrooms, so not sure what you mean about them not being suites.
  • I just meant the actual Emperors suite was the featured "suite" and the two adjoining rooms are more like "rooms" attached to the suite. I've never toured so I could be wrong.
  • Yes, that's kind of how it works, but if you have all four rooms they feel like they are all connected.

    There's two floors to the suite. When you enter the top floor, there's a room to the right and the left. I don't believe these rooms have access from the hallway, meaning they are the ones that are automatically included in the rental. They are really big nice rooms, with big sitting areas. You can find pictures of what they look like online. The downstairs has two other rooms, one on each side. These have stronger doors, like what you find in your regular old adjoining hotel rooms. You can get to these rooms both from within the main party area of the suite as well as from the hallway. These rooms have double beds and are a little less luxurious than the two rooms upstairs. So I think these are the ones that you might need to add on if you want all four rooms?? But I'm not really sure since I booked Absolut.... I was honestly so freaked out when I put my card key in the door and found myself in there and not the Absolut suite with only about 90 minues before my guests were to arrive that I didn't ask a lot of questions, I just confirmed that I still had four bedrooms (people were staying in the suite) and went on my way. I knew the room number/tower of the Absolut suite and had sent it to everyone in advance, guests, caterer, etc. in advance, so I was mainly worried about communicating the venue switch to 60 people who were all about to show up!

  • Oh, how stressful!  I am getting married in two weeks, and we have the suite Friday and Saturday night.  Friday night is a meet and greet, and Saturday afternoon is the wedding and reception.

    We are buying our own booze, and buying our own snacks for Friday night, and not knowing what time we will have access to the suite is driving me insane......we have lots to do Friday right when we get in the suite.

    Saturday we have catering from Masterpiece, but just heavy appetizers, so they will drop and go.

    We are buying a table fromTarget for the bar, since they won't bring one for us.......

    But it will all work out, right????:-)

    Can't wait to see your photos!!!!



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    What aspect of the room are you looking for photos of? Can post some here. Here's one from the top balcony overlooking the second floor, the view from the window, and our awesome bartender
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