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Are these shoes too tacky for a bride?

Our wedding is outside so I need a wedge so I'm not sinking into the grass. I also need some height because I'm crazy short! I also can't wear anything with too much of an incline because of a recent foot surgery so I thought these would meet my needs, but are these too tacky for a wedding?imageimage

Re: Are these shoes too tacky for a bride?

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    They are not tacky, but depending on the formality of your dress they may not "go."  If they are comfortable and look OK with the dress then go for it.

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     no they are fine if they fit good and are comfortable i say rock them. i had 3  1/2 inch strappy heals the day of my wedding i was feeling sick i had my reception shoes which were flip flop wedges. i ended up not wearing my heals beacuse i was afraid with me feeling dizy and like crap i would fall walking down the aisle. 

    wear what every you want to wear 
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    If you're worried about heels, you can get heels guards so you don't sink in the grass.

    But no, they're not tacky. You can wear whatever shoes you please!
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    Wear whatever you want. If your dress is full on the bottom they won't even show!

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    No, I'd be pressed to say I don't think any shoe is too tacky for a wedding dress, especially if it's long. Part of me wants to wear freaking fur lined slippers since I'm having a winter wedding and I'll be on my feet all day lol.

    As long as your shoes don't have some offensive symbol or something on it, I don't think any shoe is too tacky.

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    I think they look cute. If you want to dress them up, add some decorative shoe clips for the day. You can find a wide assortment of them on etsy and even amazon. Here is a linke to a set just for an example. Easy way to bling up a pair shoes.


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    I wore very similar shoes for my outdoor wedding. I had a satin A-line gown, but because it was long, no one really saw the shoes anyway. I'd say if they are comfortable, and meet your needs, they are fine.
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