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Purchasing chair covers

I just discovered that renting ivory chair covers near my venue is more expensive than purchasing online. Does anyone have experience with a reputable place to buy these? Thanks!

Re: Purchasing chair covers

  • First, check if your venue allows you to bring in outside rentals/purchases like that. We have to rent all chairs/covers/linens through our venue. Sneaky nickle and dimers ;)
  • They have a preferred vendor (who is very expensive) but we are allowed to bring in others. There are lots of sites for them for cheap but am worried about the quality and which site to go with.
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    Chair covers are one of those things that your guests won't really notice or care about. If expense is an issue, I'd skip these.
  • Chair covers are one of those things that your guests won't really notice or care about. If expense is an issue, I'd skip these.
    This. Skip the expense and spend the money on something people will actually enjoy, like an upgraded wine. 

    Some of those sites out there offer cheap prices because the quality/fabric is awful, and the chairs will end up looking better without the covers. 
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    I also wanted to add that if you buy them then you are going to have them pressed before the wedding and cleaned after. That may add into the cost if you need to pay someone to do it. If you do it yourself it's going to be a huge job to do since you will have to do it pretty close to the wedding so they don't get wrinkled again being stored. I rented all my linens so I didn't have to mess with any of that stuff.
  • We bought the chair covers for my sisters wedding on for less then $2 a cover during one of their sales. We then sold them after the wedding for only $50 less then what we paid for!

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    Another vote for skipping them if budget is a concern. I have no idea what our chairs looked like. They were brown, but I couldn't pick them out of a lineup. 
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    Skip 'em.

    Depending on the time of year, they'll be covered by jackets and wraps anyway. I have no idea what the chairs at our venue looked like, I just remember them being comfy during the 3 minutes I got to sit down.
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  • We looked at chair cover and ended up with some crazy quote, so my planner suggested rather than paying for to rent the chair + rent chair cover to just rent prettier chairs. Maybe it would only be a few more dollars to get something nicer so in the end save money
  • Check out  They have fantastic prices and often have sales making things even cheaper.  Every thing I have gotten there so far has been great.
  • Skip it!!!  I'd rather you rent a sturdier quality of chair if it's really that much of an issue...  Really, no one cares what the chairs look like as long as they have a solid sturdy chair to sit on..
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  • We bought our table cloths from and LOVE them!  The quality is amazing and we thought we got a good deal.  They have have chair covers too :)
  • I had this same issue and my planner advised me to skip the covers, and you know what?  My guests really didn't care!  They were more concerned with dancing, drinking and having a good time.  my friend bought chair covers, napkins and table cloths because it was cheaper than renting, Then she was stuck with cleaning them ($$$), storing them (used her guest room and her new husband HATED it!)  then trying to resell them. She ended up just giving them to a venue and was out all of that money.  Not worth it if you ask me!    
  • ViczaesarViczaesar Central Coast, CA member
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    Seriously? If that's the case, then buy the set of chairs. However, the problem is, what are you going to do with the chairs after you purchase them? Sell them again? The best thing is to ask the venue if they have chairs in there. Contact a wedding planning company that could help you with making your deals. 

    Chair covers =/= chairs.

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