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So how's the planning going?

We haven't done much honestly because we're sorta laxed on the whole thing (it's my second, his first and he has no idea what he wants). We figure it'll be small (like 50, less if we could but his family is huge!), and got our color idea going (deep purple, crimson, gold/silver, black).

Re: So how's the planning going?

  • Beautiful colors @kittychik1318   !!!  Our date is 9/2/16 and i've actually done a lot so i can be a bit more relaxed day of.  Booked venue, DJ and father just committed to a Videographer so that's exciting!!

    Paying little by little so it's all taken care of on the big day (well besides most tips!)

    A lot to cover since it's both of our 1st...but it's fun!
  • That sounds awesome. Definitely better to get done over time. :) I'm doing alot of research into vendors but nothing concrete as we're still trying to figure out what we want and what we're doing.
  • We are getting married September 24, 2016. We've booked venue, ceremony, DJ, limo, photographer and I'm booking flowers tomorrow and cake on Saturday. Rather have the bug stuff done now.
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  • I have absolutely nothing booked and am now feeling a bit of panic. We leave for a cruise On Friday and we agreed wedding planning was on hold until we get back. Colors are the colors in a peacock feather...but NOT peacock feathers. Really its the colors on the head of a mallard duck. But people don't always know what colors those are.
  • So I'm glad we have nothing concrete as we may be putting the wedding off for a farther date in the future. We hit a snag from issues of my past and are now working on getting counseling (individual and couple) so we'll see. I'll probably stick here for awhile if y'all will have me.
  • We are waiting on pricing from one venue, but we are looking at 9/25/16! (Yup Sunday wedding.)

    We know who our photographer will be (haven't put down a deposit yet though, waiting on confirming venue.)

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  • We have our venue booked (ceremony and reception), just met with our photographer, have the person who is doing our cupcakes booked and my mom's cousin is doing our flowers so have that situated also.  I want to pick colors, but my fiancé is so not into any wedding planning right now.  I also started on my guest list and we're hitting snags there too.  Thank god I've got time to figure things out because right now I'm stressed to the max with wedding planning.
  • I am doing a destination wedding but I have already booked the ceremony/reception site. Now I need to find everything else. I want to have everything booked within the next two months so that next year I can breathe for the last few months. Date is set at 9/3/16.
  • We have our venue (ceremony and reception) booked. I am having the hardest times sticking with a theme I like. First I was thinking fall with burgundy and orange.. but now I thinking garden theme with  midnight blue and blush for the colors. But I am just not crazy about it. I don't know what to do. Our venue is this beautiful outdoor Pavilion. Any suggestions on themes or colors? I am open to suggestions.
  • One year and counting! Our date is 9/17. We have the venue, it's a meadow at my mother's home and have done the guest list. A friend who is a judge is marrying us and my sister is a baker so the cake is set. Meeting with a potential wedding planner this weekend. i have never been married and it's his second. About 150 people. Colors are dark blue (navy?) and maybe coral or silver. Still a work in progress.
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    Since I last posted, we have our venue set, photographer booked, cake baker booked and I got my dress!

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  • Our wedding is 9/4. So far we have our venue, our pastor, completed couseling, have our photographer, meeting with videographers, bakers and DJ. Working on guest list, I have my dress. Our colors are peach and white and we also are having a Sunday wedding.
  • We are also in the "get it booked now" boat, which is good, as it seems that we're cutting it close with a lot of vendors! I had no idea it would be such a scramble for our date. We've got the church, reception venue, colors (navy, gold accents, red flowers), photographer, florist, and DJ booked as of now. We'll have done a couple cake tastings (and hopefully chosen a baker) by the end of this month. I'm going dress shopping this weekend. Our E pics will be sometime in the next few weeks. The guest list is a work in progress, but at least started. We still need to decide on a caterer and set up table/linen rentals, but that's pretty much it. Wow! Putting it into words, it's really hitting me how much we've accomplished in just one month of active planning!
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    I'm also getting married on 9/4/2016!  I have the venue, caterer (who may or may not do our cake depending on if fiance's mom wants to do it), photographer, and officiant.  I am meeting with a florist today and another Monday, and have a phone meeting tomorrow evening with the DJ my sister had for her wedding.  Fingers crossed these last few things go well so I can have all my major things done.  Dress shopping is happening in Dec, we've got our tentative guest list and backup list.  I don't feel overwhelmed yet which is good I think, haha!  Our colors are cobalt blue, green, and ivory.
  • My Date is 9/18/2016 and we have all the big things out of the way, which is quite a big accomplishment considering my wedding is in another state.  My fiancé and I just moved from South Florida to Chicago in May, however the wedding will be held in Saint Louis on a plantation.  I am originally from there, and so it was important to have all my close family and friends there on my special day.  My finance's family is traveling from Brazil to come, so they would have had to fly wherever it would have been held anyway.  A few weeks ago, my mom and I got to view my venue in person, I said yes to the dress, picked my bridesmaids dresses, tuxes, cake, and even registered!  Over Thanksgiving my fiancé and I will be back in Florida and will be taking engagement photos and finalizing the guest list!  I am so proud of myself that I only have to focus on the tiny details now.  I would definitely recommend planning ahead of time, because it will relieve so much stress as you get towards your wedding day!
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