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How to start changing your name?

I am a little lost on where to even begin on changing my name legally now that we are married. We got certified copies of the certificate and our application but now I don't know what to do with them! Should I buy one of the name change kits or can I swing it on my own? And does anyone know the order to change your name? Help please! Thanks

Re: How to start changing your name?

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    Those name change kits are really a waste of time.

    The first place you need to go is the Social Security office to change your SS card.  Go on their website to see what you need to bring with you.

    Then, you'll go do your driver's license.  How long you have to wait between changing your SS card and your DL depends on the state.  I had to wait 48 hour in between, but some states don't require you to wait at all.

    Then, you can start changing everything else.  Those are the two main things you need to get done though.
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    I live in Michigan and on Tuesday once my husband and I got back from our mini-weekend honeymoon we changed in one afternoon my SS card, my DL, and updated all of our bank info to be joint (including ordering checks, debit cards etc.).

     I just called up the few utilities that are in my name and they updated those right over the phone for me, the one credit card I have they updated immeditately and sent me a new card within 24 hours at no charge, the only thing we're running into a small issue with is all of our insurance (auto life etc) and that's just do to the agent being out of the office.  Depending on how quickly you plow through things you could have everything changed within a week at the most. 

    Hope that helps :)
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    Thanks ladies! this is a big help!!
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