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Choosing menu options- Beef Short Ribs?

We are starting to decide on menu options and one of the choices that we had at our tasting was boneless beef short ribs.  We thoroughly enjoyed it at our tasting and are considering it for one of our final menu choices for our sit-down dinner.  We were concerned though that 1- Not all that many people may choose this dish and 2- It doesn't sound as high-end as we'd like (given that we have options like prime rib as well).  Has anyone chosen to serve this dish and how was the response to it?

Re: Choosing menu options- Beef Short Ribs?

  • Braised short Ribs are my favorite thing ever.  We are having them as the beef option at our wedding.
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    I love braised short ribs.  When done right they are freaking yum-tastic!  And sorry, but I think of well prepared braised short ribs as more high-end then the typical prime rib.

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  • Go for it!  If they taste great and people have that as a meal option, why not!  I'll take that over undercooked mystery meat medallions any day!
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  • just make sure you say boneless on the menu/card/whatever because  I could see people not choosing it thinking it would have a bone
  • I love braised short ribs.  When done right they are freaking yum-tastic!  And sorry, but I think of well prepared braised short ribs as more high-end then the typical prime rib.
    This. So much fancier (and better) than something like prime rib, in my opinion.
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    Love them! Had them at my wedding too.


  • crackktheskyycrackktheskyy Stars Hollow member
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    I agree with PPs. I would be thrilled to see braised short ribs on a wedding menu, and IMO braised short ribs are definitely an upscale option, especially if done right.
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    I consider braised shorts ribs as high end.

    Go for it.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • If you enjoyed the short ribs (YUM!) at the tasting and think your guests will too, then go for it. Don't worry about it being more or less "high end" than something else. 
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    I've had short ribs at high end restaurants more than once. Done properly, they are fucking delicious. At home, if I offer DH the choice of braised short ribs or filet mignon, he will ALWAYS choose short ribs. It's our go-to cut to serve when we have company and we never have leftovers.

  • short ribs sound delicious!  I'm hoping I can somehow put this into our cocktail hour.
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  • we are offering braised short ribs, seared chicken breast, and blackened salmon. We have 2/3 of the rsvp's back and the overwhelming popular choice has been beef short ribs. Of the 2/3s we've received about half picked the short ribs!
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    We served braised beef short ribs at our wedding, and our reception venue is run by a Michelin-started chef.

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    What all these posters already said, with the addition that I will never choose the "prime rib" as a wedding meal because generally there is nothing sadder and less appetizing than large-scale catering-quality prime rib. Not insulting your caterer, who I know nothing about, but seriously, there is something about prime rib specifically that always results in the most flavourless, gross-looking slab on your plate when ordered at weddings/big functions.

    Get the ribs.

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