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XP - FI doesnt fly - - where are we going to go?

Hi All, 

So my FI doesnt fly - and no there is no convincing him, he had a traumatizing experience when he was about 7 years old, and there was no getting him back on one. Please hold on the "drug him and put him on" or the "he is going to hold you back" comments. I have accepted the fact that he does not fly, he doesnt mind driving at all - of course I would rather be somewhere in an hour then a 16 hour drive, but after 6.5 years of being together I have realized that if this is a sacrifice I need to make I can do it. 

But now - where do we go on our honeymoon?? We are getting married in New York - we are living in CT - 

Has anyone taken a cruise for their honeymoon??? They go out of New York - so I know thats an option - but we have both never been on a cruise and dont know how it would be for a honeymoon.

Also - has anyone been along the east coast and had a great honeymoon?? We are HUGE HUGE beach people - my dream honeymoon would be some island far away - with nothing but my husband and the sand in my toes.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Thanks loves!!!! 

Re: XP - FI doesnt fly - - where are we going to go?

  • I will say nothing about your FI's fear except if he hasn't tried therapy, or if he has and it hasn't worked, he might want to look into it. Extreme fears can cause more than inconveniences. Anyway!

    Of course you have plenty of options without flying! FI and I went on our first cruise last year and we really enjoyed it. It was inexpensive and fun. I haven't sailed out of NY, just Florida, but that doesn't really make a difference.

    Have you thought about Canada? I know it's a little chilly in November (ha!) but it's gorgeous and could make a good honeymoon destination.

    And if you're willing to take a drive, you could do a little road trip to someplace warmer. The journey there could be half the fun. Or you could take a train?
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  • What about a Caribbean cruise? I went on one…but caveat: I was 6, and it was a family vacation, haha. But if you love the beach, there are plenty of cruise options for the Caribbean/Florida Keys area.
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  • arrrghmatey we are thinking about taking a cruise out of new york - but have never taken one - so we dont know if we would enjoy it? I think we would... 

    But some people have such terrible experiences.. ha im paranoid. oops 
  • I think a cruise out of NY is a great idea if you want the tropical/beachy feel. I've never been on one either so I can understand the hesitation, but I know tons of people who love them so I would just do lots of research on the best companies and go for it. 

    I also live in CT and have driven down to FL tons of times. It's an easy drive, especially if you stop for the night, but we only do it when we are going for 2 weeks since driving takes up 4 days. Some closer drives to beach destinations would be Outer Banks, Ocean City, Cape May, and Hilton Head...but you would have to delay your trip until the spring or summer for those if you want warm weather. Rhode Island also has some great beaches (but more rocky and less tropical). My personal favorite beach on the east coast is Chincoteague, Virginia but I know it's not for everyone. 
  • hteverywhere15 we too have driven down to Florida, my fiance a bunch more times than me... He used to go to Dayona alot - he could make it there in 19 hours... with barely any stops and one other driver. He amazes me, I would be willing to take one day both ways to get to florida - but once we got there i am not sure where to go - to get that carribean honeymoon feel im striving for! 
  • Well you might have to go as far south as Ft. Lauderdale if you're going in November, otherwise it might not be warm enough for the Caribbean feel. That probably adds around 6 hours to the trip though. Honestly the ocean in the keys is very similar to the Bahamas, very warm and crystal clear. But it's also the southern most point in FL so it will depend on how much time you're willing to devote to driving. 
  • jrothstein101  When are you planning on taking your honeymoon and how much time can you take off for the honeymoon?  If you have enough time, I'd say drive down to New Orleans and take a cruise out of there! If you haven't been in New Orleans, it's a wonderful city.  The cruises out of there are smooth (the waters won't be rough like they would be if you left from NY) and they seem to be very cheap even for a 7 night cruise.  It's a longer drive but I think it's well worth it if you haven't been to New Orleans.  You could even spend some time in the french quarter for part of your trip before or after the cruise.
  • We're going to Disney World. I can't help it. We're super Disney fans and I was the one who introduced him to Disney so it kind of fits. That's a really far drive for y'all to do though. I was considering a Disney Land and Sea Cruise but I'm slightly terrified of staying on a boat in the middle of the ocean for days at a time...
  • I don't think the drive is that bad! We did a road trip a few summers ago but we were stopping at a lot of places along the way and sampling all of the yummy BBQ.  We made a week of it but as I said, we made a lot of stops and stayed in South Carolina for 4 days.  I've taken a bus to New Orleans 3 times... it's about 24 hours of driving (I went for habitat for humanity with my university after hurricane Katrina) But if you make stops along the way it can be a lot of fun to see a bunch of places.  We've made road trips into a game by doing something in every state we go to and trying to find a magnet in the shape of the state.  The rule is we have to be together, do an activity in that state and get the magnet together.  We almost have the east coast completed on our fridge!
  • Oh, and I did a cruise to nowhere on Norwegian last year for my best friend bachelorette party.  We left out of NYC and were out at sea for 24 hours.  I got motion sickness because the sea was rough so I wouldn't recommend leaving out of NYC.  I've heard from others that not all cruises are like that and the ones that leave from southern ports are much calmer.  Also- I have a little trick I learned for sneaking on alcohol.  It worked for the short cruise and is totally worth a try for a longer cruise.  My friend has been on multiple cruises and has brought rum with her multiple times without a problem!
  • If you're still looking for a carribbean feel for a honeymoon you can try the Florida Keys, not very beachy but similar feel and lots of nice destinations. Maybe Little Palm Island? A carribbean cruise would also do the trick. I've cruised many times, always out of miami, and its always enjoyable (except that one time I cruised during a tropical storm, bad idea.) I would recommend a cruise for a honeymoon for sure, its relaxing and lots of time together without any work. If you want to eat walk over and eat, want to dance or see a show theres always something on board. Worry free!
  • @skoggy23 - thanks so much for your advice - we did look into little palm island but it was already booked the week we wanted to go. 

    After talking with the great people that work there they told us about another Noble Hotel, La Playa in Naples, so we booked it.

    It may not be the exact tropical island I would have liked, but no matter what we do together its always a blast so I am not too worried!

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