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Step-dad/daughter dance songs

Hello everyone,

I have been searching for songs to dance with my step-dad with at the wedding but I can't find one that seems right. I will be dancing with my father first and then my step-dad. My step-dad didn't take over the father job when he came around but he does mean a lot to me hence why I want to include him. All the traditional songs I have heard are very "my precious little girl blah blah". I don't want that with him I have that with my dad's song. Any suggestions?

Re: Step-dad/daughter dance songs

  • I'm dancing with my step father to Seasons of Love from Rent but that's not for everyone...

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow- IZ (ukulele version)
    Just The Way You Are- Bruno Mars
    Landslide- Fleetwood Mac

    What type of relationship do you have?
  • My birth father isn't in my life, so I'm dancing with my step father to "He didn't have to be" By Brad Paisley 

    it may not fit for you, but it's spot on for me :)
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  • SilverGlitter05 We have a close relationship, but aren't exactly like a father/daughter duo. More like really good friends who value each others opinions and know the other will always be there when needed. Thank you for the suggestions I will be looking all those up :) 

    thesilverbride Yes, that is a good song to dance with a step-dad but yeah not quite right for us. 
  • I'm thinking of using "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts for my dance with my step father. I've also considered:

    I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack
    Then They Do - Trace Adkins

    hope this helps!
  • Try this website on for size, hope it helps.
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  • I'll add Louis Armstrong's version of What a Wonderful World
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