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Thought I'd help build the community a bit more over here!

I was so happy today. FI and I are getting married at the Inn at Middletown and luckily, we chose the venue and are getting our finances in order. I spoke with Katelin about the deposit and it was a good thing because she's going on maternity leave from March to June this year! So if you have to handle anything with the Inn and weddings, do it soon! She also penciled in our date for us, Dec. 4, 2016, and we will be putting the deposit down once she returns in June!

I'm also currently hating this snow and it's sad when I get happy when the 10 day forecast has only snow showers rather than real snow in it.

How has everyone been? How's your week going?

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Re: Some CT chitchat

  • Great to hear you are locking things up with your venue!  The snow is getting to me too.  I'm in Boston and when we only got a couple of inches of snow today and the temps got all the way into the double digits, I was relieved.  
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  • @laurad75, ugh I definitely feel for you guys up in Boston! One of my best friends lives there and she said everything is such a mess!

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  • Glad you are getting your venue booked! That's when it started to feel real for me. 

    I am pretty sick of the snow and cold, but it doesn't affect me too much these days since I've barely been leaving my apartment...I've been on lockdown studying for the bar exam, which is 1 week from today! Eeeek. 

    I am excited to get back to wedding planning when the test is all over, we have so much left to do.
  • Lucky for you that you called! Congrats on booking your venue. I agree that's when it all feels real.

    The snow is making me crazy. I have a leak in my kitchen from the one day that the temps went up to 30 and melted some of the snow on my roof. But I was feeling pretty good about the slow melt that followed. Too bad it snowed several times since then and there's a thick blanket of snow up there again. Also, my driveway is getting narrower with each storm. I hate snow. I hate cold.

    Good news - A Caribbean cruise is in my immediate future. I'll be drinking mojitos by the pool for 10 days in March. I've had my suitcase packed with summer clothes for 2 months :)

  • @MariePoppy go get that cruise! I'll sit here in the Artic jealous. :P

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