Sola flowers?

My florist package is included with my venue, but does not include centerpieces, so I am doing them myself. 

I'm looking into sola flowers to have scattered on the table, but have not seen them in person before. Do they lay flat-ish? They look great online, and pictures of bouquets made with them are beautiful but I can't find pictures of them just scattered. I'm looking at the save on crafts site mostly.

Also, what is the natural color of them like? An ivory? The other colors (except for one light pink option) on the save on crafts site wouldn't work, but ivory would. 

Right now my thought is to have the square mirror and votives (provided by venue), and a small glass bud vase with a single flower in it, and then sola flowers scattered around it, with maybe some paper flowers too? I like the minimalist look, so not having a big formal centerpiece doesn't bother me. 

Re: Sola flowers?

  • The natural color is ivory though some have little brown spots where the natural wood didn't get fully removed. They are very thin, fragile, and break easily when packaged or handled. I would definitely over buy. A lot of the flowers are roundish...but the some are flat.
    Here are some scattered. The ones they use are the ones that are rounded and full of volume aside from the "daisy" looking ones. The carnations, roses, pom pom ones, anything with lots of petals that require volume will stand out. The rest are flat.
    This is pretty much the color they come in and they can be dyed but you need to be very careful if you choose that route. The backs are...well if you can see them, are where the people who made the flowers twisted them so they look slightly awkward and you can't lay them flat unless you trim it.

    All in all. Sola flowers are beautiful, cheap, and a great alternative to live flowers. I'm using them for my bouquets. It takes forever to stem them and dye them but if you're just scattering them about, you don't have to worry about anything time consuming.

    ***Just triple warning, they are very fragile. They feel almost like the thinnest Styrofoam you've ever laid hands on.
  • Thank you, that's helpful! 

    I think I'm just gonna go super minimalist and have 2 bud vases (different sizes) with a single flower in each table. 
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