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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Videography Blues

Let me start by saying that my wedding was absolutely one of the best days of my life. Everything was as amazing as could be and in the end I married the love of my life (yay).

But since we got back from the honeymoon, I've been dealing with a situation with the Videographer that's totally putting me down.

I found our videographer about a year ago, signed a full fledged contract with her, and everything was peachy up until the wedding day. She showed up in torn jeans and a t-shirt (oh well, no big deal), but didn't bring her assistant. When I asked her why, she told me her assistant was on the way. Two hours later and no assistant, she told me she wasn't sure why and she would return some of my money since I paid for two people.

After the ceremony, she just up and left. It turns out that her assistant is her partner, and she was attacked by some muggers and in critical attention at the hospital and that's why she left. However, we found this out through a text message, an hour after she left. Included in that text was the statement that she would give us a full refund.

Fast forward a week. Her only contact with us was to tell us that she was very sorry but she could not return any money, and she would send us the footage she took. A week later, she still hasn't sent us any footage.

I'm trying not to be insensitive but I'm out 2k and my ceremony video. It's bumming me out so bad that I may have to take her to court to recover my losses, when all I wanted was video of our wedding day.

Does anyone have any advice? I plan on writing her a letter on Monday explaining that I'm willing to work things out, otherwise we end up in court. However, I'm sure she's going to ignore me, just like she has every other email.
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