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Less Than FOUR Months To Go!

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Hi ladies,

I just took a peek at my website countdown and there are less than four months to go! How's everything going with your planning?

I FINALLY feel like I'm on top of things, but I still need to do four things:

- Officiant - We had a bit of a hiccup with the one we've booked last year, so we're back to square one. I'm a little concerned, but I'm sure it will work out in the end. It's my goal to have someone by the end of next week.

- Hair - I know that I'm having my hairstylist do it, but I have yet to arrange a meeting to discuss pricing for the rest of my bridal party, etc. since it's my intent to pay for their make-up and hair.

- Invitations - We've finally finished the guest list. I know it's crazy, but we knew that we would be adding to our initial one and I didn't want anyone to think they were B-listed (this wasn't the case, we just had to get organized on all sides of the family, including out-of-the-country family members), so it took a while. Now we're ready to create and send out invitations. I have no idea what to do--we're pretty tech-savvy, so I know that we can design our own invitations and buy nicer paper than I would get for the price of ordering from someone else, we have a professional printer for our business--but I want to find a way to ensure the invitations stand out. I like little unique touches, so I'm not sure if I can DIY it.

- Work out - It's down to the wire now, so I'm hoping that I'll be less focused on work and more focused on health and fitness over the next three months. I want to feel 110% happy and comfortable on my wedding day.

Some good things that have made me very happy:

- The planning process has brought FI and me a lot closer.

- My family and bridal party have been super supportive. Seriously lucky to have them.

- We booked our dream photographers and videographers. It was scary price-wise, especially since we're taking on that cost (I couldn't justify making my parents pay for something so luxurious), but I think it'll be worth it.

- I still love my dress! I'm going for my first fitting soon, so I hope that will still be the case when I go in, haha.

- May will be full of showers and bachelorette fun with my girls! Can't wait!

What are you up to? Where in your planning process are you? What are you most looking forward to?

Re: Less Than FOUR Months To Go!

  • I smile every time I log on and see the countdown ;)  Thursday it was down to double digits!  

    We just got engaged last month so we're sort of working on everything at the same time.  It's been a little crazy, but it's getting done.

    Venue is booked and paid for.  Working out the specifics with the caterer for our reception.  I guess I need to find a baker, FI decided he wants "real" cake instead of cakeballs/cupcakes.

    Hotel Block is in-progress.  My first choice was sold out due to another event going on same weekend, my second choice is apparently "behind" and has failed to call me back.  I have a 3rd choice picked out, but I really want #2 to work out because its pet-friendly, and some of our older out of town guests prefer to travel with their pets.

    Officiant is booked.  She's sent us a packet of information up with FMIL (they're neighbors) when she came up for us to look through so we can personalize our ceremony.

    Photographer is picked.  Contract is going out in the mail tomorrow.

    Make-up/Hair Stylist is booked.  My MOH put me in touch with her stylist so I got a quote from her.  I think she's cutting us a deal (although I don't know how much she normally charges), so I'll be sure to give her a good tip/gift as a thanks.

    Invitations - I have some DIY pocketfold kits I purchased.  I plan on adding some personal touches like a printed graphic, some ribbon, or embossing.  I'm helping my MOH with a charity event for her grad program at the end of the month, so she suggested I bring them up to work on together while I'm up there.

    Attire - We picked out the brand/fabric/colors for BM/GM dresses.  Groom & Best Man bought 3 pc suits, shirts, and belts yesterday.  They look super sharp.  They just need to grab bow ties & pocket squares.  I picked a discontinued style dress I adore and have found several for sale, now I just have to actually buy one ;)  I made a seller what I consider a fair offer on the style I prefer, but if she's not interested I'm willing to walk away and pick another style.  I also found a jewelry set at Charming Charlie that I think would be very fitting with it if I don't end up wearing family jewelry.

    Exercise - I'm super glad its supposed to be sunny and 50s soon!  I'm going to start riding my bike to work when I can. Its about 4 miles each way, so that little bit of extra umph should really help.  I've missed riding.  By the end of summer we were doing 8-10 miles 2-3x/week,and 4-6 miles 2-3x/week.  I am going to have to get a different bag to take to work though, the one I have right now won't affix to my bike very well.

    Guest list - Mostly done.  There's one couple in particular I'm having a hard time excluding since we started throwing around the idea of not inviting extended family.  Inviting all aunts and uncles would instantly double our guest list though, so that's not an option.  We have more than a month before I was going to send out invites though, so I don't have to pull the trigger one way or the other just yet.


    We're getting married on my dad's 60th birthday and he's been super cute & excited about it.  He sends me texts and makes little comments about it whenever we talk on the phone.

    I'm super excited about my girls weekend with my BMs!  We actually have had an out-of-state girls weekend planned for the first weekend of June since last year, and it just turned out that the only weekend in June our venue had available was the very next weekend, so now they're throwing around the idea of having a b-party while we're there.  No complaints.

    Since we're having such a small wedding I don't know if I'll end up with a shower, but I sort of want to register for some upgrades we were planning on buying ourselves anyways so I can use the completion discounts after the wedding.  We'll have extra cash since we won't be putting it aside for the wedding anymore and its like a "Congratulations on your wedding!" discount.  haha  New curtains for the living room to go with our new furniture, a few replacements we need for our bathroom decor, a new fancier sewing machine I want but don't really need ;)

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  • That's amazing, @WildMagelet! I can't believe you managed to plan all that in a month! You're like a planner superhero. Congratulations on everything. Wishing you and your FI a wonderful day!

    We're having our wedding on a family birthday as well. My girls are also taking me out of the country for our bachelorette weekend. It'll be so much fun, I'm sure. It's great that you seem so easygoing and flexible about everything. I think that's what planning and the event itself should be about--love, family, and fun!
  • Thanks @canadianhearts !  I've really been able to keep everything in perspective.  Even when FI thinks I'm stressing (usually because I'm hyperfocused) then I just shrug and say that I'm not, and point out that worst case scenario is that we substitute for some other equally irrelevant detail (in the grand scheme of things).

    More progress last night/today- 

    My dress seller accepted my offer! <3
    The hotel sales lady called me back and is sending me a contract for our room block.
    My mom called and told me she's sending us a super generous financial gift to help with the wedding <3
    Formerly known as flutterbride2b
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