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Sunday in the kitchen :)


Re: Sunday in the kitchen :)

  • I grew up on Sunday dinners too, though it was usually twice a month rather than every Sunday.

    Tonight, I did a ton of meal prep to get ready for our month of Whole 30. I made:

    1. Tons of cauliflower rice, frozen into bags for the next few weeks
    2. Tons of zoodles
    3. 2 roasted chickens. It seems excessive but we can use it in lunches and dinners
    4. 4 days of lunches (Garbage salads with lots of deliciousness- only 4 I'll inevitably work from home 1 day. DH works from home and wouldn't eat them)
    5. Omelet muffins for breakfasts (frozen individually)
    6. A pot of chili (frozen into containers for easy dinners)
    7. Iced tea concentrate for my caffeine fix
    8. Marinated meat for crockpot cooking later in the week
    9. A bunch of ghee (clarified butter) for Whole30-compliant cooking
    10. Whole30-compliant salad dressing

    Other than a quick run to the hospital to visit MIL, I spent the entire day in the kitchen. Fortunately, we have meals ready for the week and lots of work done towards surviving the rest of the month!
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