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Vendor has dropped off the face of the earth - Update: Nevermind

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UPDATE: So, feel free to disregard. DOC just emailed me back (finally). She apparently was on vacation.  If it's helpful, feel free to have a discussion about non-responsive vendors. I always pick vendors based on their initial responsiveness (obviously assuming they are otherwise qualified). 

Our wedding is May 2. After booking our venue and photographer, we hired our day-of-coordinator ("DOC"). She was one of two people my photographer recommended to provide coordination. I talked to both of her suggestions, but felt that the one we hired would be a better fit. The overall services are specifically listed in the contract and include: 
  • Phone consultations and emails (no limit to these). 
  • In-person planning meeting prior to the wedding as well as a visit to the ceremony and reception site prior to the wedding. 
  • Contact with vendors by DOC in the weeks leading up to the wedding. 
  • Extensive services re rehearsal, wedding day and day after wedding. 
Anyway, I really haven't had a lot of interaction with our DOC because she is mostly there to take over when the wedding gets close. I did ask her opinion on a particular caterer, and we emailed about potentially having our sit-down meeting sometime late February or early March. 

Whenever I have emailed in the past, she has generally gotten back to me within about 24 hours. Until now, when I am trying to figure out when we will be meeting. Two weeks ago I asked for some days and times that would work for her, via email. No answer. One week ago I followed-up, again via email, and just said, hey, I know the weather has been bad, just following up. Five days ago, I tried a text message. Two days ago I called and left a voicemail. I have not received any response to any of my attempts to reach out. It is not a huge priority that we have our planning meeting ASAP, but it is troubling to me that she is not responding. 

What should I do? We had paid her half of her fee up front, and then we actually had sent her a check for the remainder right before she disappeared on us. She hasn't cashed that check yet, although she would have gotten it in the mail at least a week and half ago. I sent other vendors checks at the same time and they have all been cashed. 

Re: Vendor has dropped off the face of the earth - Update: Nevermind

  • I'm glad it got worked out! Since its solved, I'm just gonna come in here and bitch and whine about my reception venue/food bs, haha.

    I'm still trying to get the restaurant nailed down for our reception. I've talked to three local restaurants, two chains, and a local caterer (for comparison purposes - I think we're going to have a restaurant reception).

    The two chains obviously had me a quote in no time, while I was on the phone. They have all that info readily available for just about anyone. No big. Issue being that we don't really want to do chain restaurants. The restaurant I really wanted, too, was super helpful. They told me they would knock some off the rental fee, explained the process, blah blah. But their rental space is not handicap accessible, and that's a dealbreaker. Poop. Another restaurant I've already bitched about on here took two weeks and a message saying I was uninterested before they managed to get me a ballpark quote.

    And now this last restaurant said they should be back with me within a week and it's been over a week.

    Bitch bitch bitch haha. I'm over it. I'm having a BYOB potluck in my backyard. (KIDDING. I think...)
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  • hellosweetie1015 We looked at restaurant options at first. The idea of using a place that obviously regularly serves people food and drinks, was already decorated, and had its own staff was appealing. It was a mixed bag on responsiveness, and many restaurants near us would not allow us to do a buy-out or it would be very expensive (none really had space big enough for our wedding that was separate so we needed to try to get the whole place). I think if you have a smaller guest list restaurants are a lot easier. One of the things we found difficult was that the places you'd most want to use are also in high demand, and know it. We also were concerned about the cost of drinks, and never could get a straight answer on how they would handle the bar. 
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