March 2015 Weddings

What are you working on?

As some of us are right on top of our dates and others a few weeks to go... what is your current to-do??

We are finishing table numbers, I'm writing escort cards, and stuffing welcome bags. We have one vendor meeting left. I mailed all the final payments last week. Sooo nice to see that list shrinking. I'm ready to start packing for the honeymoon!! :)
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Re: What are you working on?

  • My wedding is 3/21. I'm working on table numbers, welcome bags, candy bar, seating chart, itinerary and finding somebody to press my dress! I have everything paid off but the DJ and tips for the day of the wedding.
  • I am seven days to my Wedding and I just canceled my cake.  I was quoted $160 and when I went to pay for the price was $360 so I canceled it because they would not honor the quoted price.  I am freaking out on what to do.  

  • @starfish411 do you have a Costco or Sams Club?? Their cakes are seriously delicious and I imagine would be more affordable!!
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  • We have 4 days to go!! It's this Friday, March 20. :)

    I am finishing our seat plan (we're writing it on old windows) and I have 3 panes to go! Just got sick of doing it last night lol.

    Other than that, we're packing for our honeymoon!!!

    Everything else is done! It seriously feels too easy?? I feel like I HAVE to be missing something but I won't complain hahaha.

  • tcnoble today we went and look for replacements at costco and found Tarimisu.  That should work and be the same as the orginal price we were quoted from Basket Robins.
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