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Hi guys, I need some assistance with my rehersal dinner location, which is that last thing I have to plan out yet. We have our church reserved from 7:00 to 8:00 for the rehersal and the plan was to do pizza at our house afterwards. However, plans changed and I am getting barbeque catered for that day. Only problem now is where to have it. With a party of around 40 I think our house and both our parents houses and yards are just too small for that. I could go the fire hall/community center route but I would rather have it at the beautiful county park I live right by, which is also much cheaper. Only like $30 to rent a Pavillion. Problem is that th park closes at dusk which means we would have to eat before going to church. That would mean my bridal party would have to be at the park around 5:00-5:30 for dinner on Friday. Is that rude of me to expect them be there that early? I know some of my bridal party have told me they were taking off work that day and a lot of them probably will end up taking off, but should I not assume they will? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Rehersal dinner help and etiquette

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    I would cross-post this to the Etiquette board, which gets a lot more traffic than this one. 

    I'm not sure if it's actually inappropriate to have it before the rehearsal. It makes a ton more sense to have the dinner afterwards, so you don't have to rush and worry about being late to the actual rehearsal. Not to mention, it's one thing for your bridal party to be taking the day off work for this, but if you're inviting 40 people, there's a pretty good chance that not all of them will be able to do that.

    Why can't you still have it at your house? You were planning to before the BBQ catering plan, but I'm not sure why the change of food necessitates a change in venue. 
  • Thanks. I have decided to have it at my house after all. I just had concerns because of 40 people and I have a small house and yard, but I do have a large sun porch which I am utilizing for the occasion.
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