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Why is it only Wednesday

This week is draaaaaaaaaagging by probably because I couldn't be more excited for this weekend! 

I had 1 too many last night and I'm hurting a little today. I really want an onion bagel with cream cheese but I'm not sure what will happen with dinner tonight so I don't want to risk going over my points for today. 

H and I are meeting with a CPA tonight about our taxes. I've always just done them online with TurboTax or H&R but this year when I entered all of our (very simple, basic) information, it's telling me we owe about $5k between federal and state which is fucking insanity. We've never owed a penny, we've always gotten a good bit back before we were married and last year when we first filed jointly. So hopefully we'll get better news tonight. 

And now I'm going to watch last night's PLL so that @GoldenPenguin doesn't yell at me when she wakes up!


Re: Why is it only Wednesday

  • @swazzle that sucks about potentially having to pay, fingers crossed that you don't have to!

    Today is MIL's birthday so I guess I should call her....

    Tonight I'm watching the finale of Empire, I'm so sad it's over, but now I can focus on The Jinx.

    I have my WW weight in today, I don't think I lost anything, but I'll be happy if I stay the same.

    I did start working on Monday, but didn't yesterday because I was at urgent care for 1.5 hours, tonight I have my WW meeting and have to buy shoes for @goldenpenguin's shower so if I get home by 7 I'll work out.

    I can't wait for this weekend!!!!

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  • @Swazzle - Good luck with the taxes.  We owed quite a bit last year, but not that much!!  Ouch!

    @buddysmom80 - Hope you have a good weigh-in tonight at WW!

    I'm losing steam this week.  I think a nap is in order after work.

    I left my lunch at home so I'm trying to figure out what I can get that is healthy-ish.  I had a really yummy lunch, too!!

  • @Swazzle - I still need to just file my damn taxes already. Please let me know if you have better luck tonight - if you do maybe I'll go see someone and see if they can help me too! 

    @buddysmom80 - Please finish The Jinx tonight!!!!! Also I cannot wait to see you and your kittens in TWO DAYS.

    @cocobellaF - Naps are always a good plan in my book.
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  • @swazzle I need to rewatch PLL because a lot happened.  But the last 5 minutes image

    We had corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes last night.  It was my sister's first time making St. Patty's dinner and it came out really well!  I also had a little too much to drink, and would prefer to be sleeping right now.

    I had to cancel our mini trip for my bf's birthday.  His birthday is memorial day and the following week is when we're going to Colorado and have 2 weddings to attend (one in Colorado and one back home as soon as we return).  So now I'm back to thinking of what I can do for his birthday. I prefer to give an experience over something material; mostly because anytime I've given him a gift it sits off in a corner somewhere. 
  • @swazzle - good luck with your taxes. Hopefully you get better news tonight.

    I'm with everyone else - this week is dragging. I didn't have enough last night, mostly because I managed to pick the only Mexican restaurant in town that doesn't serve margaritas. Or fantastic high-calorie desserts. I will have to do better when I'm celebrating dissertation's-done-day and I-defended-day later on.

    Tonight I have church (haven't been in a couple of weeks, I should find religion again), and FI and I should put together the last of our tax documentation for our accountant.
  • @buddysmom80, @hummingbird125 - TWO DAYSSSSSSSSSSS

    @CocoBellaF - Thanks!

    @speakeasy14 - OMFG So many feels right now. I have absolutely no clue what to think anymore. Can't even wait for next week. Do you think we're really going to find out?

    @KeptInStitches - What kind of Mexican restaurant doesn't have margaritas?! Blasphemy! 

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    @swazzle We had the same problem! TurboTax has always been great for me, but it kept telling me that I made $10k more income than I did. Granted, I'd cashed some savings bonds, but the total was well under $10k, and definitely not enough to bump me up into another tax bracket. J had better results with H&RB's site, so we filed jointly, but we were expecting so much more of a refund, given that we just got married, and we're reasonably sure we were supposed to.

    I cannot believe it's only Wednesday. I worked 12 hours Monday, 9 hours yesterday (but I got to work at 6:30), and today, I'm in from 7:30 till 5. And I haven't been sleeping.
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    @swazzle I think so, everything I've read says that they want to reveal who it is because it will take the next season in a different direction. I was leaning towards Wren or Lukas but now I think someone from the DiLaurentis family has a twin and that's who it is.  Every clue leads back to that family. 

    @labro Can't wait to see how gorgeous your lawn looks once it is complete!

    Hummingbird125 I had the same nightmare last night, but I really think there was a mouse in the wall.

    buddysmom80 Why were you in urgent care? Hope you're okay.

    @everyone spending the weekend with @goldenpenguin have lots of fun and takes lots and lots of pictures!!
  • I'm so exhausted today. I seriously did not want to wake up this morning. 

    @swazzle -I hope everything turns out ok with your taxes and that you don't have to owe.

    @buddysmom80 -Good luck with your weigh in today!

    @CocoBellaF -I think a nap is a fantastic idea for today.

    @speakeasy14 -Does he like Baseball? You could take him to a sporting event this Spring?

    @Hummingbird125 -Yay for gifts!! You will have to tell us what she sent you!

    @Labro -Yay for Grass!

    DH is working tonight after teaching so I probably won't go to CrossFit tonight or cook. If the weather stays nice then I will probably take Maddux to the park and throw the ball around and go on a nice long walk.

    I also decided that I look extremely pasty and I need a tan ASAP. I don't want to be that pasty girl until we go to the beach in June. I kind of want our pool open now lol.
  • I'm with everyone else, this week is taking forever!

    @Swazzle - Good luck with the taxes, that's just crazy.

    @Hummingbird125 - I did a bit of accidental registry stalking, but the thing that was getting me is that one of our registries sends me an email every time something is bought and shipped! The subject will say "Don't open if you like surprises" but then I can already see the body of the message! Super annoying before the shower!

    I have nothing exciting. FI and I did some WR stuff last night, and I got 26 questions from our wedding planner after we reviewed our itinerary for the day. Twenty six! I haven't answered the last 9 yet.

    Tonight I am going to get my hair colour done. I've been dying it out of a box for the last...year? I was too tight on cash to justify the maintenance of keeping it blonde, so it's been sort of a sold light brown/dark blonde for ages and I'm sick of it. I think I'm staying darker, I don't want to make a drastic change, but it'll be nice to have my hair done properly!



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  • @labro - YAY FOR SOD! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see your new lawn! 

    @phira - I'm hoping there is some kind of error somewhere. I tried both websites and got the same response from both :( 

    @speakeasy14 - I don't want to spoil anything for you or anyone else but there is something in the books about that. I can't wait to find out who it is. 

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    @Swazzle - Good luck with the CPA! Hopefully you don't have to owe that much, that's terrifying!! I realllly need to do my taxes, ugh, I hate doing it! Even when the e-file is so damn easy!!

    @buddysmom80 - Fingers crossed for a good weigh in!!

    @Hummingbird125 - I haven't even started watching The Jinx but after reading all about it in the news, I had a nightmare too! It was very strange...the murderer changed his identity after his/her face was burned off and all this weird shit. The worst part is the FI's alarm went off in the middle so I never figured out the end!!  I had a weird dream the night before last too, some bizarre initiation ritual involving a treehouse and what appeared to be a ropes course. I think the sleep deprivation is getting to me now....

    @southernpeach89 - I'm very jealous that you're even thinking about opening the pool! It is snowing right now in NYC!!! It was 60 yesterday morning, and I wake up to see snow falling (albeit lightly and not sticking, it's still white!!).


    I ordered two wedding planning books last night on Amazon - TK Ultimate Wedding Planning and APW's book.I'm hoping having something like this will calm me down a little so I'm not so stressed about the idea of planning. 

    We also contacted two venues to get estimates for next March/April - hopefully they're within our budget!! My baby sister is an event planner and wants to get into wedding planning, so she is being a huge help and her boss (she works at a venue in Cleveland) actually took a look at our budget based on our estimated guest list and said we look good! So yay!! I want to get the budget squared away before we start thinking about serious planning.

    Also found really cute invites if we decide on the Harry Potter theme! Her pricing for printing isn't bad either, definitely within our budget!

    ETA: The jackhammering continues today in my office. I might lose my mind. Thankfully I don't have a migraine like I did on Monday....
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  • southernpeach89 He's not a baseball fan; actually not really a sport fan in general.  He plays golf and tennis, and is a big winter sport fan. I think I'm just going to arrange a golf day at one of the courses he hasn't played at yet. That, or last night he mentioned he'd like to go on a glider plane. 

    lmcooper86 holy cow 26 questions!?! About what?!?! Also, make sure to share pictures of your hair and whatever color you decide!
  • @speakeasy14  I think a golf day sounds perfect! 
  • @southernpeach89 I do too! Also, just saw baby peach is a peach!!! 

    @swazzle the writers of the show have already said it won't be the same as the book.  We'll see if they stick with that.
  • I pretty much did nothing yesterday, went out to dinner and then BF fell asleep at my house while I obsessed over looking for a car. It's really the WORST searching for a used car. I have a bit of money but everything for sale right now is worse than I wanna buy and priced very low or just over my budget. I just want something decent that'll last a few years before it starts needing a lot of repairs and I know I can get a car like that with the money I have so it's really frustrating that I haven't found anything in the two months that I've been looking.

    I wanted to watch the Jinx last night but my roommate got rid of HBO!!! I usually don't care cause I don't use it, but I was super disappointed cause you all have been raving about it! UGHHH! Maybe it's on amazon instant streaming... I'm definitely gonna check.

    Nothing planned for today. I'm working for the next hour then headed to the library for school work and then home. The usual, boring routine lol
  • @lmcooper86 LOL at your registry sending you emails. Who thought that was a good idea? Also, I agree, please take pics of your hair :)
    @labro YAY FOR SOD! 
    @Swazzle Ugh, I'm sorry you guys owe so much. I hope that an accountant can figure out a way to file so that you get $5k back! :)
    @Hummingbird125 Yay for getting the first gift! That's so exciting!
    @buddysmom80 Good luck tonight at WW!
    @speakeasy14 What about tickets to an after-hours museum event? A few of our museums here have some really cool adults-only events once a month-- do you guys have anything like that nearby? Or, maybe a cooking class if he likes to cook? Or a brewery or distillery tour? Hmmm... sounds like he's difficult to buy for. I like your golf course idea too.
    @KeptInStitches How is that restaurant still in busy without margaritas or high-calorie desserts? That is blasphemy!
    @GoldenPenguin I think you win for best weekend ever :) Can't wait to hear all about it and see all the pics next week!
    I'm WFH today, and so far it's a very quiet day. I have a meeting in an hour with my department, and then I potentially have a conference call later this afternoon. I'm also meeting my cousin for lunch to discuss flowers, so I'll report back about what we come up with.

    Yesterday TK sent me an email about a big Kate Spade sale... I'm sure most, if not all, of you got it too, but if not... Kate Spade is having a big sale on wedding-related gifts and items. I got this wallet for my FMIL and my mom for $40 each:
    Not too shabby. I figure I'll put a gift card in there to their favorite stores, and FI and I will write handwritten letters to them. Now to figure out gifts for all of the guys...

    Last night I did PiYo for the first time in 3 weeks, and it seriously kicked my butt. I was really wobbly and shaky the rest of the night and had trouble walking. Let's hope muscle memory kicks in soon!

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  • @GoldenPenguin Your ticker has officially dropped to 1 month! Granted it's 1 month, 4 weeks, but STILL!

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  • @GoldenPenguin - I love that outfit!
  • labrolabro member
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    @GoldenPenguin I know I said the top of that one wasn't my favorite but I really love how the detailing continues on the back! I might change my opinion. :) Also YAY for RSVPs!

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    eilis1228 He is difficult.  Christmas, one of the gifts I got him was a knife sharpener that he really needed.  It is sitting in a drawer somewhere never touched.  A few years ago I bought him a new desk chair because his was falling apart, he just put it in his office now. It is so much easier to just plan something.  At least with golfing, I know he'll love it.

    @goldenpenguin you're gonna look hotttt!
  • @speakeasy14 my BF is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for too. I can't count how many gifts I've given him that are unused, even if he needed them. Shoes, a camera... you name it, he has lost it or ignored it lol. This past Christmas I finally was just like TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!!! It was a coat, and he actually used it! If your BF likes concerts there are a lot of cool acts touring right now. My BF's bday is in 3 weeks and I bought him Eric Church tickets because he really likes him. I think Imagine Dragons is going on tour soon too. If Eric Church's tour wasn't announced I'd be up a creek because I had NO IDEA what I was gonna do otherwise lol
  • @beanbot2002 - I'm excited for your tasting!! I went to one thing similar to that at a venue we were seriously considering. We didn't book it because we didn't love the food, but literally ever vendor we met their was awesome and we would have used them all. I bet it will be super helpful for you!
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    @beanbot2002 You're going to love the tasting! I found it SO helpful that my venue hosted an open house a few times a year. You could go and taste the food from their preferred caterers and meet with photographers, videographers, and bakers that the venue preferred to work with. It was awesome!

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    @beanbot2002 I got almost entirely free reign regarding cake flavors too. H isn't much of a dessert person so it was ALL ABOUT ME! Try to narrow it down to just a few flavors (some bakers will let you have so many for free before they charge, others will charge no matter what) and then taste and rate them based on your favorites.

    Also don't forget you can do a multi-tiered cake with different flavors!!

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