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Persian dance music

My wedding is coming up in July and I have been obsessed with picking out music for all aspects of the wedding! In terms of "Canadian/American" (read: English-speaking) songs, I've got it down pat. But my family is part-Persian (FI's Canadian) and although we are having a very Western wedding, I know that when the dancing starts, my family would LOVE to have some Persian songs to dance to! I remember going to my cousin's weddings in Long Island and LA when I was much younger and they had amazing Persian bands who played some fantastic Persian songs .But this was so long ago I can't remember any of them!
Any Persian knotties out there with some amazing songs (any decade! Googoosh to Mansouri)?

Re: Persian dance music

  • If you don't get any specific songs ... search Persian Dance Party in itunes or Amazon ... there are lots of compilation collections and I bet you'll get the feel you're looking for.  

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