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MGM Approval Letter for Catering

So I'm set on the Balcony Terrace Suite for MGM for my wedding. I've heard mostly positive things that sneaking food up is not a huge issue.

However, I was talking to a caterer and they told me I should be prepared for someone to stop me because it's technically not allowed. In that case I would have to tip them a 50 to have them let me go through.

Another caterer suggested I contact MGM and get a letter of approval. I would tell them I was having a "small cocktail party" (don't mention wedding) and get their approval to bring food up to the suite. I'm hesitant to do this though for fear of bringing attention to my event, in case they say no, and then having them force me to use their catering service or just outright not allowing it.

Does anyone have any advice or experience with this? Thanks.

Re: MGM Approval Letter for Catering

  • Hi,

    I'm planning on using the Skyline Terrace Suite at the MGM!!

    Not sure I have anything useful to say but I was concerned about this for a while and decided to roll the dice and not ask. I was concerned they would insist on my using their caterers if I tipped them off.

    I'm planning to use Jason's Deli for 8 - 10 people with light snacks so I think given the scale of it - it shouldn't be a problem (I hope!). At previous trips to Vegas I've taken to food to my hotel room without giving it a second thought (especially cheesecake from the cheesecake factory mmmmmmmmmmmmm).

    The terms and conditions of in-room catering from the MGM are crazy - like the mandatory cleaning charge, the massive deposit, the minimums. When I asked on the board no one had any experience of having these waived for smaller parties.

    What size is your party? What sort of food are you planning?
  • We're planning for about 20 people. Are you catering Jason's Deli for your reception? What is your timeframe? Also, when is your wedding? Mine isn't until October.

    Honestly they probably won't care for a party that small. I'm just worried someone of the caterers mentioned something. Not sure what kind of food I was having yet, although leaning towards heavy apps.. 
  • I would go with the $50 route if need be. That will be easier to do than getting a letter and tipping them off to your party and then them having them make you use their caterer.
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  • Or you can always inquire anonymously. If they ask for a date, give them something far away from your actual date.
  • Or you can always inquire anonymously. If they ask for a date, give them something far away from your actual date.

    If you do this, do it from a fake e-mail. And then maybe do what I did when I e-mailed the Cromwell inquiring on their suites -- say you're thinking about using it to host a meet & greet and ask about limitations!
  • We are having a formal reception meal in Wolfgang Pucks Bar & Grill downstairs. However given our current plan we need to supply everyone with refreshments before the ceremony. Our current plan is:

    > Wake up early in the suite and get ready (make up/hair are coming to me).
    > Guests arrive around 2:30 pm (except best man / bridesmaid will arrive earlier).
    > Photo Strip tour from 3:00pm - 5:30pm with guests
    > Refreshments (Jason Deli catering) 5:30pm - 6:45pm
    > Ceremony 6:45pm - 7:15pm (in reality 7pm to 7:05pm)
    > Photos and in suite enjoyment
    > Meal at 8pm (Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill)
    > Cocktails at 10pm at the moment Mandarin Oriental but still thinking about this.

    I feel like the above might seem a bit crazy but (I'm not sure if this is better or worse) my detailed schedule actually has walking time from the suite to the limo/restaurant so there is actually less time sat around doing nothing and I don't want to be rushed. 

    My wedding is mid-September (lol - part of me doesn't want to say an exact date in case someone on MGM Grand is monitoring the board, as if they don't have anything better to do with their time)

  • @Knottie83318556 - I'm from the MGM and you're under arrest!! (Just kidding LOL)

    Your plan sounds solid, although what kind of food are you having from Jason's Deli? If they're eating at 5:30 they might not be hungry at 8. You could always eat before the photo strip tour. Also, the Mandarin Oriental isn't right by the MGM, so how would they get there for cocktails? 

  • LOL!

    @adverb you reminded me of one of my on going ponderings.

    Jason's Deli requires an half hour deliver slot, so I was thinking I could order for 1:00 - 1:30pm, (or similar) then people could have something to eat when they arrive and I was going to try to keep the food cold for when we returned. I can't decide whether it will keep ok with the air conditioning on - from what I've read there isn't a fridge and you can rent one but its tiny.

    I was going to get fruit platters, veg platter, dessert bites, crisps (US translation - chips), maybe a small amount of sandwiches. The idea was just to stop people being starving at the ceremony - me in particular.

    The Mandarin Oriental is still under review but I think we would just get taxi's. Alternatively I might see if the limo company I'm using for the Strip Tour will do me a deal. The cocktails definitely seem more hassle than they are worth but I really want to do cocktails and no where at the MGM will guarantee me a table :-( 

  • @Knottie83318556 - Have you looked into hiring a bartender? You can get one up in your room and they can even bring the alcohol and mixers. Or if you want to you can just buy your own alcohol and have guests serve themselves (that's what we are doing). Don't forget there are some nice bartender tools in the room.

    Out of curiosity, what is $/pp costing you at Wolfgang?

    Keeping the food is gonna be tricky since the fridge isn't very big. I wish the Terrace had a fridge like the Signature properties do. It would make hosting easier :(

    I mean, you could probably turn the air on super high and the food would be fine out for two hours. However, I'm sure some guests won't want to eat it (I'm pretty unpicky when it comes to food so I'm not really a good judge). Have you looked into non-perishable items like crackers, pretzels, etc? It's not as healthy of course.

  • @adverb I did think about just getting alcohol - I'm a bit concerned about lack of atmosphere, because we are so few in numbers and just the mix of personalities I'm 99% sure it would be fine but the 1% of me which worries it would be a bit quiet. My plan B is definitely just to go back up to the suite and do drinks there! My finance and Best Man have already been tasked with going getting alcohol in the morning/night before for the suite.

    I'm glad there is nice bartending tools in the room!!

    I've hired the private room which holds up to 18 at Wolfgang's - it has a glass wall so is part of the restaurant but is a little bit secluded - I think its quite lively because its in the middle of the casino floor. There is a minimum of $1,500 plus service & tax for the room. They are making me a two tier wedding cake from a photo I sent which counts towards the minimum (I'll have a lot of spare cake!! which is not a problem in my opinion - I just wanted two tiers). They do set menus - I can dig them out if anyone is interested, but they've agreed everyone can just order whatever they want off the main menu. We are just going to make sure everyone has plenty to drink and eat to meet the minimum - the lady who organised the booking said she can help us get the most out of our money!

    Good idea about the non-perishable items! This thread has been so helpful for me!!
  • @Knottie83318556 That sounds fairly reasonable actually when you factor in food, alcohol, and cake. That might actually be a viable option for us, actually. It depends on how many people show. I just don't like how it only holds 18. We were budgeting for 20 people, not including ourselves. But I do like how it includes cake, too!

    Who did you talk to organize. And what do you anticipate the total will be after service charges and taxes. Who is the lady you talked to? I might contact them and see what they can set up.
  • The lady I organised everything with has left, but her replacements email is below:

    The 8.1% sales tax and 21% service charge, for easy maths I've just added 30% in my budget spreadsheet so its $1,950.

    Check out the website below:

    There is a bigger room available too from a quick re-visit to the website.

    In the end I was satisfied with paying a bit more because I definitely wanted a sit down meal in a restaurant and it didn't work out that much cheaper to order in the cake separately - it also made the day seem less stressful. Although at first it seemed quite simple to do cake and a toast in the suite it started getting more complex when I started thinking about the detail, where would I get a cake knife? How would I get the cake sliced properly? Cutlery? What about doing a toast? Should I get plastic glasses or proper glass champagne flutes? How would I get the champagne flutes to the room? Buy them or rent them?
    I think because of my small numbers and because I'm travelling so far to Vegas and its precious holiday time - I didn't want to waste it worrying about the small stuff. 

    I've got things planned for the suite like Jason's Deli / drinks - its not a big problem if it doesn't go to plan because its not the reception as such its just some refreshments (a nice to have). The suite is for the ceremony and peripheral activity like getting ready and informal entertaining. 

    However it might be completely different with your numbers as you have double the guests!!

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