Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Our wedding photographer

Nelson's Weddings did the photography for our wedding. They were incredibly professional and had great ideas. I loved the work that I saw while at their home and they were very helpful as well. The day of the wedding, they were on time and all smiles. Very friendly. The day went by fast and it seemed like they took a ton of photos. However, when the photos were available I was a little disappointed. A list of the things I did like:- They were on time- They took many pictures that I didn't expect them to take. - The fish eye lens pictures made my train look absolutely beautiful. I really liked those pictures. - At the reception my dress unbustled repeatedly and they actually supplied safety pins for me. They totally worked and saved me from having to rebustle all night long. I was very grateful for that!!!- I loved that they took a lot of pictures of my family from out of town. It has been a long time since I have seen some of them so it is very nice to have so many pictures of them.  A list of the things I didn't like:- They took pictures of my dress with one of the sleeves off the hanger. I don't know if they were going for a certain look with that, but I would have preferred my dress look elegant and sophisticated in my pictures... not distressed. the train wasn't even let out. The only picture of my dress with the train out and both straps on the hanger has my mother's leg half way in it. I have asked them to crop it to see if it turns out better. - Before the ceremony taking my pictures, we did a few in front of the large stained glass doors. I thought they were going to come out really nice, but all of them are at an angle where you can see the exit sign and a trash can. Again, I've asked them to crop those out and see how they turn out after. There was one that I think could turn out nice. - They only took one picture of us with our wedding party after the ceremony and in that one picture the best man's eyes are closed.- All of the post ceremony pictures taken inside the church all have flash and it darkens the back ground inside the church which is really disappointing because the inside is gorgeous. Not to mention it made us look really bright. I didn't see a reason that they had to use flash since they weren't allowed to use flash during the ceremony (church rules) and all those picture came out fine with the lighting. - I hadn't thought about it at the time, or I would have said something, but it occurred to me that all the photos of us and our family were separate. it was us with his family and us with my family... It would have been nice to get a few pictures with us and our mothers together or us and our fathers etc. not one picture had joined families.- During the ceremony we had a close friend and family member perform readings and there is only one picture of both of them. Neither are very good. Our family member has a weird look on his face as he is mid word and our friend who is shorter looks like she is hiding behind the podium. There were two photographers and both had digital cameras... there is no reason why they couldn't have taken a few more and then chose from the best. - They took a few photos at a weird angle and I am unsure of how to place them in frames. I really didn't like that style but I should have pointed that out I guess. - After speaking with them about the DVD that we receive with our package, we realized after asking that they would be playing "love songs" however, not songs that are copyrighted, for example, Black Eyed Peas, or Kenny Chesney. We found out that since they are technically selling the DVD to us in a package that they cannot use copyrighted songs. So I'm wondering what "love" songs they do use… The copyright laws aren't what upset me, what upsets me is that the sample DVD that they gave us did have songs on them from artists like Rascal Flatts and so on. They shouldn't advertise like that if that's not what they are really selling. They should be upfront and honest about what they can and cannot sell. Had I not asked I would have been really surprised later on. I'm fine with making my own DVD slideshow, but it completely defeats the purpose of ordering the more expensive package that comes with one.  Overall I am at a 3 out of 5. They took a lot of pictures that came out really nice that I didn't expect, but it was the simple ones I wanted that I thought would have come out much better that they did. They were really good with certain photos, but the photos that I thought would have been easiest to take weren't what I expected in the end.
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