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Bottles vs Kegs

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We are just having wine and beer at our wedding. We can choose whether to have bottles or a keg, so looking for opinions going either way. From what I've been able to research, a keg would be cheaper for the amount of beer you get, but obviously if there is leftover beer, bottles would be better. Has anyone gone through this, what did you end up doing, and why? We will probably do 2-3 kinds of beer since wedding is a winery so most emphasis will be on wine.

EDIT: 150-175 people. I'd say 60-75% of people would be fine if we just served wine, but many who are invited enjoy beer as well.
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Re: Bottles vs Kegs

  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    We had a combo. We ended up with a keg that we drank the day after (which was an adventure). The shitty beer was in cans, and one of our drunk guests took that home with them (we weren't drinking it) 

    Personally, I'd go bottles esp. if you like the beer, cause then you can just keep the extras no problem. But I am no beer expert.

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    Any leftover will be going with my parents, cause A) they are paying for it and B ) we're leaving for our HM right after. So I kind of left dad and FI up to deciding on beer, but I think they are lost on where to start. Luckily, the wedding is MI, so there is a lot of craft beer to choose from.
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  • We are going to be doing kegs because FI works at a growler store and can get them at cost. If there's any left over, we'll probably just fill some of the empty growlers we have at the house, give some to my mom and dad, and enjoy the rest over the next couple weeks.  That being said, if you don't have a set up like that, bottles would probably be better, as I think typically you would just have to return the keg and lose the rest of the beer.

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    We did a mix. We served three types of beer & two were in kegs, one in bottles. We did have the bottles poured in a cups to prevent glass on the dance floor. 

    We had tons of beer left in the kegs that sadly got wasted, but that's mostly due to DH not listening to me when I told him we were over-ordering :)
  • Depends on your set up. Do you have a good way to keep the kegs cold & would it be self serve or do you have a bartender. If it's self serve, I would probably opt for bottles because with my experience, sometimes the CO2 tank needs to be adjusted and that can be tricky sometimes. I personally would go with bottles because easier to handle & easier to chill and if you have beer left over, you don't have to worry about it going flat too quickly. And if you end up with too much left over or it's stuff you don't drink, have a "help us get rid of the beer" party, trust me, your friends will come & help out.
  • We are doing kegs for our reception. The way the venue works it, you only have to pay for the keg if you tap it (not sure if this is common with most places). We are also able to reserve up to four and they will be asking a designated individual throughout the night before tapping into each one. 

    I'm sure you could find help 'getting rid' of the beer pretty easily if you end up with extra! :)
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  • We're doing bottles bc it willbe easier to keep cold and we can have more variety. Couldn't justify multiple kegs for our size and figured bottles are better for leftovers
  • We were NOT allowed to keep any leftovers of beer or wine. Check with your venue before banking on that option.
  • Thanks for the tips everyone! We will probably do bottles just for the sake of easier leftovers.
    @sjf2715 - we are allowed to keep all leftover wine and beer, but thanks for the tip!
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