Non-Cheesy Milwaukee DJs

I'm going to throw it out there that I'm not a fan of wedding DJs. If one more cheeseball calls all the women on the floor for "Single Ladies" one more time, I might just collapse.

With that said, do any of you Milwaukee-area ladies know of chill wedding DJs?

Also because I'm a big rookie - on average how much should a basic DJ setup cost? This is important because my fiance and I are locked in a "let a friend play an iPod" vs. "maybe a professional should handle it" debate right now.

Re: Non-Cheesy Milwaukee DJs

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    Milwaukee Airwaves. I garuntee they will not be cheeseball. I know the owner and cheesy DJ is just not his style! The only reason we're not hiring him is becuase we want a live band. 

    I'd plan on spending between $1,200-1,600. That could also include some basic uplighting if you wanted. 
  • The best part about DJ is that they are also the masters of ceremony. They read the crowd, get everyone excited, and can set the right mood for your reception. I love technology, but wouldn't let it run this important of an event. That being said, Jennavive2 is dead on about price. I love BR productions out of Racine or the Scottish DJ (www.scottishdj.com I think). Allan is amazing. Just make the no-cheesy rule apparent from the start and stick to your guns.
  • We are using Sound by Design and have seen them at two of our friends weddings and I wouldn't call them cheesy.  They also allow you to give them a list of wanted and unwanted songs.  I agree on the budget provided above. 
  • I second who @mrscinema mentioned: Alan from Accent Events- www.scottishdj.com. He will be perfect for what you are wanting! 
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