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Okay, so I broke down and bought the Wen shampoo.  My hair was really damaged and struggling.  I have fine hair and I have a lot of it.  I was having issues with dryness, breakage, and just over all yuckiness.

I'm in week 3 of using this stuff.  I've been able to get back down to 2x/week cleanings already.  The biggest differences I've seen is that I'm having barely any breakage in the morning, almost no frizz, and I can comb it without shuddering at the knots and dryness.  Also, there is volume, so much volume.  I've even been able to go back to doing my curls and they are pretty damn va-va-voom now, instead of just looking frizzy.

It does take a chunk of time in the shower.  And I can tell if I don't leave in on long enough because my hair feels a bit heavy.  I did the leave-in portion a few times, but you have to be careful.  It's never felt greasy, but it was pretty obvious the time I used too much of it.

Overall, I'm really happy with how my hair looks and feels.  Even DH noticed it.  And I don't really use all that much, 6 pumps at a time.  I'm hoping to make a bottle last about 2 months, which realistically makes it only about $5/month more expensive than what I was using anyway.  2 thumbs up so far.

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    Awesome.  I've thought of using it from time to time, but I hear once you start you can NEVER STOP.  (kind of kidding, kind of not) I also know that from my point, where I shampoo 1x every 3-5 days depending on product in my hair, I save way more $$ without using something like WEN.

    I can have a bottle of shampoo for close to 2 years.  But the whole "looking good with curls" intrigues me.  So someday maybe....
  • The only thing I would say about WEN is make sure you're on top of what you're paying.  They're sneaky.  

    I used WEN and it was...meh...after a couple weeks my hair was so oily with all the product build up I was having to use a regular shampoo to clean it off.  Maybe I was using it wrong, but it wasn't worth all that hassle to me.

    Then come to find out I was auto-enrolled in a $129 box to ship regularly.  Nope nope nope.  

    I'm not saying the products are bad (they clearly aren't for some people), just be on top of the payments.  I wasn't and it bit me in the butt.

    Glad it's working for you!! :)

  • It's for sale at Sephora now, so it's not an auto enrollment.
  • I did not know that!  Very nifty! :)

  • Also, (I"m not sure if it mattered for you or not), there are 4 different "flavors" (that makes me laugh like I'm 12) and each one is actually for a different type of hair.  I bought the Lavender which is specifically for fine hair and to help voluminize.  I read a blog somewhere that had them all listed and what each one was for.
  • Hmm I didn't know that.  All these things I missed in the infomercial at 3AM!! ;)

    I'll have to check it out.  Thanks!!

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