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Menu Cards - Are they necessary?

I just started perusing wedding invitation suites and all that fun, papery stuff, and I am trying to decide what to do about menu cards. I am almost 110% sold on having a buffet/station reception, so I am not entirely sure if menus are necessary. What are your opinions? I don't want to skip out if they are expected.

Re: Menu Cards - Are they necessary?

  • They are completely unnecessary for a buffet.
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    Yea, they're not necessary. We had a buffet and didn't do menu cards. Seemed like a waste of paper when the caterer labeled all the items at the buffet anyway.

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    If you have a buffet and the caterer is labeling everything, then no, you don't need menu cards.

    But if you were having plated meal service and any of your guests have dietary issues, I'd use them so they'd know what is safe for them to eat.
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  • I only did menu cards to provide a color contract between the napkins and the favors. We had dark brown napkins that were laid on the plates & our favors were chocolate suckers. So I did a menu card to go on top of the napkin so the favors would show more. We did family style dinner.
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    @CMGragain are you back?
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    KatWAG said:

    @CMGragain are you back?


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    I never left.  I just stopped posting.
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  • I don't feel like they're necessary at all, so I'm skipping menu cards. I mean it's not like people are going to have an option, so what's the point. They're eating what's in front of them/what they grab from the buffet, or they're not eating at all. They'll figure out what's on the menu when they go up to the buffet. And I think I'll put in the invitation, "if you have any dietary needs/allergies please let me know" and maybe put a line on the return card or something.
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    Menu cards for buffets are not necessary.  I do really appreciate little tags at each buffet station detailing what the food item is though instead of guessing and wondering.
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  • Personal opinion, although it is not necessary, I'd appreciate a board or something that has a list of what is offered. I'm one of those that really like to stack up when I see things I like in a buffet becauseI don't know if further down the line there will be anything I like. Seeing whats ahead of me would allow me to plan accordingly!
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  • Menu cards seem to add a little elegance to the table setting. Your guests will be impressed with all the small details you have thought of!
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    Menu cards seem to add a little elegance to the table setting. Your guests will be impressed with all the small details you have thought of!

    Yeah, not so much.  Your guests will be impressed if your food is awesome and that they are hosted well.  Not if you have a menu card.

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