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  • I just wanted to say good luck everyone and goodbye. I won't be posting on this board anymore. My engagement was broken off Friday night. I hope everything goes smoothly and you are all happy!
  • @QOTC2016 I am so, so sorry. It can't be easy. Please take care of yourself, first and foremost. Sending lots of internet hugs <3

    (I hope you come back at least to see this)

  • Glad I'm not the only one late to the game. We have been engaged for over a year but only finalized out date in January. I think we may be the worst wedding planners ever! 

    1. Miriam
    2. 23 July 2016 - two days shy of three years from the day we met. 
    3. Venue: Bosque del Saman, Pereira, Colombia. It's a coffee finca (farm) - think of a rural B&B with Spanish Colonial architecture.
    4. blue, particularly royal blue
    5. What have you done so far? Not enough! Set a budget, hired a wedding planner, reserved our venue, prioritized but not finalized guest list, determined wedding party (there is none! It's not a tradition in Colombia.), alarmed our wedding planner with paralysis when considering ceremony musicians, photographers, and officiant. 
    6. What is the thing you are least looking forward to about your wedding? Cultural and language challenges - I'm American, marrying a Colombian. Colombians dance, I have two left feet. We can't find an English speaking officiant and my Spanish is middling. Being the gringo party pooper - Colombian grandmas party harder than me - staying at their grand kids weddings till 4am - my mom hopes to stay awake until midnight but I'm guessing 10pm. Most of his family speaks only Spanish. My family is solidly monolingual (English). I have visions of an awkward junior high dance with the genders (in this case nationalities) awkwardly staring at each other across the gym. Except there isn't a Spanish word for awkward so I think he Colombians will be cutting a rug on the dance floor while the Americans stare enviously and wonder how they move their hips that way? 
    7. Ignorance. 
    8. Cuisine - Italian, specific item - cheese
    9. For the foreign guests it is "Colombian wedding" for the Colombian guests it's "Gringo wedding." Colombian weddings have "La Hora Loca" a carnival-inspired interactive dance show/performance with props for the guests and dancers in feathers or on stilts. I think that will surprise the Americans. We want to have a fruit & juice bar highlighting dozens of bizarre Colombian fruits. Meanwhile I'm trying to give the food and drinks an international spin - brewing our own beer in styles unavailable in Colombia and serving food more familiar to American weddings (not the double carb standard - rice and potatoes at every meal typical of Colombia). 
    10. I met my fiancé after I quit my job and sold all my belongings to travel the world while working part time as a digital nomad. Ever since I've been living 4-6 months a year in Colombia to be with him. He is committed to building a life together in Europe or North America, despite never having left South America. I regularly ask myself, "How did I get here?!?" But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

  • kylexokylexo member
    500 Love Its Third Anniversary 100 Comments Name Dropper
    1. Name 
    Kyle (pronounced just like the boys name...)

    2. Wedding Date

    3. Venue (if you have one!)

    4. What is your favorite color?

    5. What have you done so far?
    everything except cut the checks (pretty much)

    6. What is the thing you are least looking forward to about your wedding?
    cutting the checks!

    7. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    my fiance leaving messes around the apartment

    8. What is your favorite food?
    deviled eggs

    9. Do you have a theme? What is it?

    10. Anything else you want to add!
    can't believe there's less than 2 months left!
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