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I've been semi-stalking the board for about a week now but have yet to actually post and thought maybe an introduction thread was in order! I'm going to leave some questions/things for everyone to answer as part of the introductions so that we can get to know each other and find some people with some common interests!

1. Name (Or nickname/What you would want to be called/referred to)
2. Wedding Date
3. Venue (if you have one!)
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What have you done so far?
6. What is the thing you are least looking forward to about your wedding?
7. What is your biggest pet peeve?
8. What is your favorite food?
9. Do you have a theme? What is it?
10. Anything else you want to add!

Here goes:
1. My name is Courtney but you can call me Court, C. whatever you want. Just let me know it's me you're referring to. Lol.
2. July 1st, 2016.
3. Castle McCulloch 
4. Royal Blue!
5. I have my venue booked, I purchased my wedding dress, and I have a general idea of the amount of guests and the costs of DJ, catering, and photography.
6. Dealing with my FIL. We don't get along. To be honest, FI doesn't even get along with them all that well but they are still his parents.
7. Definitely has to be rude and ignorant people who think they are better than everyone else. I can't stand people who have a ridiculous sense of self-entitlement.
8. Chinese food! FI hates it but I love it!
9. I'm sort of going for an enchanted fairy tale type thing (it IS in a castle after all...).
10. I'm the daughter of a soldier so one of my biggest fears is that my father will have a last minute deployment before my wedding. I will also be 19 when I get married and FI will be 20. I have heard it all on that front but the people who know us actually aren't all that against it. The only people who really have something to say are my grandmother (She isn't all that fond of marriage before college and wants the whole college experience for me--she would rather we [anyone related to her] have a baby at 18 before getting married at 19), and she is becoming less and less resistant to it, and his parents. His parents' resistance stems from the fact they don't really like me and think my family and I are forcing/coercing/tricking him into it...they want him to wait awhile and date other people. They haven't supported our relationship from day one and I would be lying if I said I had been hopeful it would change with the announcement of our relationship. I'll be studying at the University of North Carolina Greensboro to become a High School English teacher and he will be working full time as an EMT once he finishes classes in May. We were originally planning on November 2015 but decided it would be best to push it back and give us more time to save money and to become adjusted to the changes in our lives that will come about with his new job and my first year of college. For the most part, that will be the only thing you will hear about my age. 

Your turn!

Re: Introductions!

  • 1. Jen
    2. 7/8/16
    3. Getting married in Las Vegas- Wedding and reception at Irish Pub- McMullen's
    4. Purple
    5. Venue for wedding and reception booked, bakery booked, hair and make up booked, officiant booked.
    6. Not really worried about anything yet.
    7. Liars
    8. Pizza
    9. No theme.
    10. We've both been married before so want to have relaxed wedding. Was going to be small now it is about 60 people. We met at conference in Vegas so felt it was place we wanted to get married, not worry about everything else. Although been married twice before, I never had a wedding dress- so that is going to be my indulgence.

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  • 1. Ria
    2. 7/3/16
    3. SmARTspace @ 78th street studios (reception) & Hedge Gallery (ceremony)
    4. Peach & Mint
    5. Venue, Caterer/menu, DJ, Photographer & Photo Booth
    6. Paying for it haha!
    7. Rude people 
    8. Latin/Puerto Rican Food
    9. Modern-rustic

  • missglitter89missglitter89 member
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    1. Kristine
    2. 7/3/16
    3. Randall Oaks Golf Club
    4. Pink and turquoise
    5. Venue booked, dress this week, working on guest list and colors
    6. My parents are divorced, so trying to keep it civil with my mom and my dad (with his new wife) there should be interesting. 
    7. People who don't recycle or use turn signals
    8. Mostly pasta, and fresh fruit
    9. No theme. I want to do something with video games but FI doesn't think the older people will get it. Or pastels
    10. We met when he was a senior in high school and I was a freshman in college. We have been together since October of 2008; did the long distance thing for a year while he was away at college; gone through both of our parents getting divorced; and a combined 3 moves. The planning is crazy but if we've gotten through all of that I think we can get through planning a wedding. 

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  • 1. Aurora (It's a nick name but I do answer to it IRL)
    2. 7/15/2016
    3. The Century House 
    4. Blue
    5. Booked the venue (includes ceremony area, catering, alcohol), booked a photographer, videographer, DJ, florist, officiant, picked the bridal party and their outfits, picked our first dance song, picked our recessional song, picked out the flowers/color scheme, picked out our guestbook, picked out our save the dates, and decided on a few little touches that we want to incorporate. I know, I'm a wedding planning beast haha. 
    6. I am worried that I will be more focused on everyone else enjoying themselves that I won't enjoy myself. I am hoping that I will enjoy myself as long as everyone else is though. 
    7. Bad drivers-no signals, don't look in their blindspot, etc. 
    8. Pizza
    9. Nothing set in stone, but I guess you could call it traditional/formal with a nerdy twist
    10. We met during college and then ended up moving to the other side of the country together. We both got amazing job offers that we couldn't pass up, and are still enjoying exploring the new area that we live in. 

  • Well, I'm glad to meet all of you! I hope everything is going smoothly with your planning (or as smoothly as wedding planning can go!).

    @jenni5672 an Irish pub sounds AWESOME! I think I saw pictures in the other thread and they were gorgeous! My Aunt got married in Los Vegas. We watched it from home via streaming. She and her husband are both in the Navy so she had a quick wedding when she got home from her deployment in Afghanistan because there was talk she would have to re-deploy and she wanted to marry him before then. I hope you find a dress you love!

    @ListenbeePartyof2 Your venue sounds really cool. I tried to google it to see some pictures but I'm not sure what exactly it is that I'm looking for so I gave up. Lol. I also definitely understand the fear of paying for it all.

    @missglitter89 Your parents' situation does indeed sound like an interesting dilemma. I would just hold on to the hope that because they love you they will be cordial to one another.  Are you doing a seating chart? I would assume that if they didn't get along they wouldn't sit together even if you weren't but I was just curious how you were planning it out. On a side note, I LOVE pasta! I just happen to love Chinese food more. Lol. I'm especially fond of this penne alfredo dish with broccoli, spinach, and mushrooms that this one restaurant in Disney World used to (not sure if they still do) serve.

    @AuroraRose41 Aurora is a cool nickname to have! I have a unique birthmark of white hair so I answer to Rogue a lot event though it really isn't close to my name. That's a worry I had too but I'm determined to have fun and enjoy myself. A family friend told me that she pretty much didn't eat anything all day because she was so busy and I was scandalized. I definitely intend on enjoying myself, having plenty of fun, AND eating the food we paid for. Lol. I find it sort of scary you are so far ahead of me in planning. My original date was 8 months away (around that) when we rescheduled and I still didn't have that much done! You go girl!

  • @QueenOfTheCastle16 Thanks! It isn't anywhere close to my real name either, but I like it. Also, we got a lot done because the top vendors in the area we are getting married in book up that far out. We were incredibly lucky to get our top choices for the DJ, photographer, venue, and florist honestly. On top of that, I wanted the big things out of the way so that we could focus on little things when we have time. We also wanted to book everything quick because we are planning it long distance, so that also makes things difficult. 

  • @QueenOfTheCastle16 I am doing a seating chart, but my parents will definitely be put at separate tables. Chinese food is always good too, I've actually been to China twice, any noodle dish is good. I hope your FIL come around or at least be civil, that would be horrible if they ruined anything for you guys.

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  • 1. Jen
    2. 7/3/2016
    3. Cobblestone Farm, Ann Arbor, MI
    4. The artist in me has never been able to choose just one so it changes all the time.
    5. Venue and dress officially, but I know what most of my vendors will be
    6. Family drama
    7. Family drama
    8. Seafood
    9. Vintage elegance, outdoor ceremony at an historic house, cocktails and games on the lawn, and a big party in the finished barn.


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  • 1. Moya
    2. July 16, 2016
    3. Fi's church for the ceremony, no reception locale yet.
    4. Yellow
    5. Picked a date, decide to do my own makeup & chosen my side of the bridal party- which includes two of my sister's, my 8 yr old daughter & one of my best friends who'll be my Bridesman (is that the correct term?)
    6. Wedding Crashers (I'm srly worried about this!)
    7. Purchasing a meal & not getting what I paid for.
    8. Anything chicken
    9. Romance
    10. Its my 2nd wedding and FI's 1st. I'm excited to marry him :) My 1st wedding had 20+ crashers, I even had someone inviting herself to the wedding when she found out we're getting married! We're taking over a year to plan so we're not stressed with planning because it can be stressful. Btw we're Jamaican and will be getting married in Jamaica but it is not a  destination wedding. This is where we live and work. Nice to meet you all

  • @aurorarose41 I have to start getting things done this summer big time and that's not just because I'll be super busy with classes. The venue has a preferred list of caterers and there are only three on it. I have to use one or pay a $600 and select a different source. I really want my first choice so that's a priority for me to schedule. I'm just super nervous about the monthly payments I'll have on that one. I'll feel better when FI officially gets hired as an EMT and has his certification (hopefully in June--he can work part time without it as long as he is enrolled in class which we just found out yesterday so he is applying to jobs at different hospitals now). Cross country wedding planning would freak me out. I worry about doing it an hour and a half drive away. Lol. You are a much braver soul than me!

    @missglitter89 Seating charts seem wonderful to me! My family is full of those volatile Irish tempers and I know they won't get along too well with most of FI's family, especially those that like to always have everybody's pity and attention and nothing is ever good enough for them. I'd rather not have to break up a fight so...seating chart! Lol. I have unfortunately not been able to travel outside of the country or really anywhere other than the east coast. I do know that I definitely will be able to study abroad in like a year and a half and I am so excited but I have no idea where I want to go except the general area of Europe. Unfortunately, I think the best I will be getting from my FILs is civil. I really have attempted to let her past behavior be water under the bridge but she insulted all my BMs when we went shopping for dresses including my little sister who is only 14 and already obsessed with perceived physical flaws..

    @jenidubbs  Hi, Jen! Your venue and theme sound awesome! I love vintage things and places with character and it sounds like you're definitely going to be having both! I hope you post lots of pictures as you go through the process and more afterwards! I want to see them! Lol. I'm really picky about my seafood. I like talapia (did I even spell that right?) and occasionally some flounder. 

    @moyana1425796687 Hello, Moya! Woah. That's a LOT of wedding crashers! I think it's really cool to talk to brides who live in other parts of the world from me. I'm not sure about the bridesman part, honestly. I don't have one so I don't really know. Lol. Chicken is definitely good! 

    I just noticed that Kristine, Ria, and Jen are all getting married on the same day! Does that make y'all wedding date triplets? :)

  • @QOTC2016 We just bought a vintage bike to clean up and lean against a sign post at the entrance of the venue.  My handy Fiancé is going to make flower crates for the front and back and we'll attach ribbons in our wedding colors.  I'll try to upload pics once it's ready. 

    Yay for the brave people getting married on July 3rd!

    We're all getting close to one year until we are married.  Does everyone feel like they are planning for real now?  For me, it has seemed so far away that it almost felt like I was planning someone else's wedding.


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  • @jenidubbs that sounds really cool! I can't wait for pictures! It still seems really far away at the moment and probably won't feel like I'm planning for real until somewhere between 8-10 months to go. That's probably because usually I'm a procrastinator so I rationalize time a little differently. Lol.
  • Hi everyone!! I'm a little late to the party, but we just picked our wedding date fairly recently!! Here we go:

    1. Meg
    2. 7/9/2016
    3. Indian Springs Country Club in Marlton, NJ
    4. Purple
    5. We have only booked the venue! We know who our bridal party will be but haven't officially asked yet, and we are hoping to book the church next week.
    6. I don't really have any big worries now that we have a venue/date =)
    7. Unnecessary drama
    8. Macaroni and Cheese!
    9. No real theme, but we know we want bright colors and lots of pictures throughout the ceremony/reception (we are both obsessed with pictures and want to incorporate them in a few different ways).
    10. We met as freshman in high school, and both our moms though we would be perfect for each other. We of course ignored them (because we were 15), but started dating the night before my 18th birthday. We went to separate colleges and stuck together except for a brief summer where we figured out what we wanted our lives to look like. Now at 23, we are so excited to be getting married!!
  • ericasm0703ericasm0703 member
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    I'm beyond late to this 
    1. Erica
    2. 7/22/2016
    3. Pasadena, Maryland
    4. Purple
    5. Our venue is almost all-inclusive, but since we're so far out from the date we can't do anything yet; however, I have an idea as to what I want. Our wedding party is picked out, asked and confirmed. My mom and grandmother are making my wedding dress, so that's taken care of (partially anyway).
    6. Telling my sister she isn't invited (long, long story) and other family drama
    7. Drama and ignorant drivers
    8. Crab cakes
    9. Sort of; we're using nautical colors (navy blue, brown, cream) and our centerpieces are lanterns with a candle, small flower arrangements and a monkeys fist to hold the table number. We both grew up on the water and enjoy boating so it's something we wanted to incorporate without being "too nautical"
    10. We met online; because of our work we didn't think it was possible to find someone who "got it". At one point in our lives, we both swore we would never date someone in our profession, but look where we are now. And July 3 is my birthday so many many celebrations to everyone that week/weekend!

    ETA: my venue just informed me that they double booked; so we will no longer be able to get married in July. Very sad, but we will simply have to move forward with another plan :)

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  • Hi Everyone! I'm very late to this but I just got engaged last month and thought this is a great way to introduce myself to the message boards!

    1. Mari
    2. 7/9/16. It'll be our 6 year anniversary, he proposed last month on 7/9 on our 5 year :)
    3. We want an outdoor backyard style wedding in the PNW, we're checking out an Air Bnb in a couple weeks in Whidbey Island, WA.
    4. Aubergine
    5. Guest list and hopefully nailing down a location by the end of the month! Also we had fun pinning things on Pinterest.
    6. Nothing that I'm not looking forward to!
    7. When people are totally oblivious.
    8. Favorite food... I love food so that's a tough one. Dark chocolate, and eggs benedict (I'm big on brunch haha)
    9. We are from Seattle, so our theme is a woodsy bohemian.
    10. I'm excited to be a part of the knot community!
  • Hey everyone! How is your wedding planning coming along? What has been hard to plan and prepare for? 

    1. Kim 
    2. July 23
    3. Evergreen Country Club, VA 
    4. Green
    5. DJ, Venue, Begun to arrange appointments with florist, cake place, caterer, bridal shops, and arrange for a photographer. Living overseas, none of these things will truly be complete until Christmas time. 
    6. I am excited about every little piece!! 
    7. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    8. Chinese and Breakfast; two that don't go together, but taste delicious alone! 
    9. Not a true theme, but we know our colours will be navy, light green, blush, and white. I plan to have succulents (this is crucial)! 
    10. Looking forward to chatting with you ladies! 

    What are you guys going to do for favours and place cards? 
  • @Knottie1443176517 Hi! You should change your username so that it is easier for everyone to recognize who you are :)

    Our venue provides what they call a "Farewell" in our package, which is wrapped up warm cookies. We are counting that as our favor. From what I have seen at weddings and what I have read, the food ones seem to be the most popular. However, favors are definitely not necessary, so I wouldn't stress too much about them. 

    For place cards, I think I am going to have our calligrapher write out the names on paper she provides. But Minted has some gorgeous options and I believe they do free name printing as well. 

  • 1. thirdtimesacharm2016
    2. July 23rd, 2016
    3. our church
    4. Blue
    5. Told people and asked our officiate, but that's about it
    6. Planning! I have never been good at decorating and that's the main activity when planning a wedding!
    7. Somebody saying they will do something then backs out without giving fair warning.
    8. Chocolate
    9. We like natural, forest-y type décor.
    10. This will be my third marriage, but my first time to really plan a wedding. I'm overwhelmed!
  • AuroraRose41, I just tried to change my name... Hopefully it did work!! I didn't even know I could do that. 

    A "farewell" package is a great  idea for a venue to do. I am thinking along the lines of a treat as well... I guess I have time to sort that out though. 

    Are you all having videographers? What are people's thoughts on that? Many people I have spoken to recently have decided to get them and they have loved reviewing the memories. I think my FI and I may bite the bullet and get ourselves it. 

    @thirdtimesacharm2016, do you need ideas or are you okay? Just scour the world wide webs, pinterest is a god send. 

  • @futuremrshay it did work :). And that is much easier to type out now too! 

    I'm not sure if all venues would do that farewell thing, but before we had our venue I was thinking along the lines of cookies or local donuts (apple cider donuts are quite a delicacy in the area we are getting married in). Hope that helps with some inspiration!

    We are having a videographer. I really didn't care much, and didn't budget for it initially, and then my FI came to me and said he wanted one and that it was important to him. So we reworked the budget a little and found an inexpensive one in the area that we hired (we splurged on photography so I am not as concerned about video quality as I am about sound quality). Ours use to work as a cameraman for the local news station, so he does have a lot of experience. 

  • I've seen more and more weddings with farewell packages - usually food. Sometimes it even doubles as the late night snack. We were just going to order some pizzas for our late night, but the idea of a take-home goodie/snack/favor does seem like it would save some money. Especially when it's already hard to find a favor that everyone would want.


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  • 1. Holly
    2. 7/10/2016
    3. Camp Myrtlewood in Southern Oregon
    4. Blue. Our color scheme is sort of muted pastel colors.
    5. Venue, dress, and and photographer are all set. We sent save the dates last month too, so our guest list is pretty fixed. We've done a little research into caterers and online florists (we're going to buy bulk and arrange the day before). We know who we want to ask to be our officiant and bridal party but haven't done it yet.
    6. Our venue is in a kind of rural area across the country from where we're currently living, so it's not clear how all the pieces are going to come together. We're going to keep a lot of the decorations and my hair and makeup simple, since we/family will be setting it up the morning of. I was planning on making the cake myself the day before (it is at a campground, but one with a restaurant-type kitchen :smile: ), but currently thinking it might be stressful and maybe flowers the day before will be enough.
    8. We both like barbecue, so that's what we'll be having at our wedding!
    9. Kind of vintage/rusticy? But not like burlap and mason jar rustic. Just, it's in a foresty area so it's kind of going to be rustic by default.
    10. I look forward to meeting you guys!

    MariMay0709, we also got engaged on our 5th year anniversary!
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  • 1. Bethany
    2. July 9th, 2016
    3. It's called Sleepy Hollow Barn and Plantation in Clemson, South Carolina. So beautifully rustic/vintage without being too country like. The barn for the reception is 150 years old and has exposed brick and beams. 
    4. Sort of a mint/seafoam green. Right now at least. I change my favorite color every few months it seems. 
    5. We have the venue booked halfway paid for. My wedding dress has already been paid for and I have it hidden in my friends closet. Bridesmaids dresses are bought and save the dates are in. Officiant is picked and we started our pre-marital counseling last week! We are paying for most of the wedding ourselves so I was really glad I still had enough money from my scholarships from school to pay for my dress and part of the venue. 
    6. I'm looking least forward to the fact that I have to invite my dad's ex wife and her new husband in order for my sisters and brother to be able to come to the wedding. Hopefully there won't be any drama. They're being seated on opposite sides of the room for sure.
    7. Hypocrites for sure. 
    8. My favorite food is steak and mashed potatoes. Favorite junk food: french fries
    9. Our theme is a rustic/vintage vibe with alot of really cute nerdy details thrown in. I'm a huge harry potter/disney princess fan and my fiance is big into super heros so those things are being added subtlety. 
    10. I"m 21 and the oldest of 8 kids. I'm a senior in college and will be graduating in May, then getting married in July, and moving to a brand new city by September. Stressful, yes. But also super exciting!
  • @KnotBethany0427 I am in the same boat as you in terms of scheduling and moves after the wedding. We are married at the end of July, fly to England for a reception there with FI's family, and then are moving to another international city of which we don't know until January. Insane, but exciting! 

    Congrats on your engagement and move!!
  • @AuroraRose41 Those donuts sound spectacular! We are having welcome bags for those who are traveling and I will have various local delicacies included like VA peanuts and such. Thanks for the idea. 
  • Hey, y'all. I'm not going to reply individually like I usually would because there are so many responses. I've been extremely busy. I'm a college student and between classes, wedding plannings, and setting up my study abroad trip for just barely two months after the wedding things are crazy (it's finals weeks (this and next) now so I'm about to be super active lol).

    @futuremrshay England for a reception with his family? That is SO exciting! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to England. I will be there in less than a year for study abroad provided things work out. Have you been before (sorry if I missed it in your previous post---I'm skimming scholarship and travel grants apps like crazy in between posting. Lol)

  • I have and my fiancé is British. We went this past summer for my first time and it was great! I hope you get a chance to visit and study there next year, but bring warm clothes!! Your life seems quite busy but it will all be for the positive and worth it in the end! 
  • @futuremrshay I definitely will bring warm clothes though I'm not certain now if I'm going to do Scotland, England, Wales, or Ireland. So many choices. Lol. Life will settle down for about a month once my last final is over with. I'm looking forward to then!
  • Late to the party, but what the hey...

    1. Indigo - not my real name, but a nickname I've had for the last decade or so.
    2. 7-9-16
    3. Carolina Marina for both ceremony and reception. And since half the guests have their boats parked there - one hell of an afterparty on the boats!
    4. I can limit it to three - blue, green, and yellow
    5. Venue, caterer, photographer, officiant, baker, makeup/hair all booked.
     Dress bought. Working on the girls' dresses but I'm not picky so long as its blue and not strapless. Got the save-the-dates almost all addressed, ordering my invites next month. Working on some of the DIY but not in a huge hurry since its pretty minimal.
    6. Dancing? I mean we're not super big dancers and I'd rather nom down on the buffet and go hang out on the boat in my dress. Then again that's why we're going with Pandora as our "DJ"
    7. Overly sensitive peeps. I'm a yankee transplant in a southern state and I don't sugar-coat anything. Spoons have nothing on me when it comes to bluntness.
    8. All? I could narrow it down to seafood :-)
    9. Beachy/Nautical - seashells, sea glass, starfish with a few lighthouses and anchors here and there. Kinda goes with the boats and the marina. Linen colors will be blue with hints of yellow.
    10. Also a part time grad student at UNCG but I'm taking the spring semester off so I'm not overwhelmed with a zillion things. 
  • 1. Name: Jean
    2. Wedding Date: July 2
    3. Venue: Church for ceremony, student union for reception
    4. What is your favorite color? : Pine green. 
    5. What have you done so far?: Determined budget and guest list with parents, picked and paid deposits for venues, reserved hotel blocks, got dress, picked BMs dresses, sent out STDs, DIYed one of 8 silk bouquets, planned with groomsmen about their outfits, designed invitations, and pinterest-ed my butt off. 
    6. What is the thing you are least looking forward to about your wedding?: Having to use the bathroom in my dress. 
    7. What is your biggest pet peeve?: People who act too cool to enjoy life. 
    8. What is your favorite food?: Thai mango with sticky rice and coconut milk. Or blueberry pierogies. It's a toss up. 
    9. Do you have a theme? What is it?: Midsummer's night dream/ summer woodlands.
    10. Anything else you want to add!: I'm in law school, love dogs (and cats... and animals in general), formerly taught Latin at a highschool for two years, love learning self-sufficiency skills (animal husbandry, gardening, home improvements, etc), and love hiking. 

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