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What will you do with The Dress?

I just got married 1 month ago (yay!) and have made it through all of my pictures, paper, etc. I'm making scrapbooks and photo albums with all of it. The last think is my beautiful wedding gown and veil. We live in a 1BR apt in NYC, so this space is very valuable to us! I never thought I'd have the dress preserved. It just will continue to take us space and I don't really understand what I'm keeping it for (most girls don't want a hand-me-down dress). However, every time I look at pictures or at the physical dress, I'm not sure I can bear to part with it. I'm just curious what everyone else did or is planning to do with their dress?

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    My plan is to have mine shortened, dyed, and a zipper put in in place of the corset back.  It's a style that, once altered, will absolutely be wearable again, and make a killer LBD.
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    I assume my dress is at my parents' house because it's not with me...

    I will probably have it preserved, at least for a while.  My gown was very stiff lace, so I may actually rip the dress apart to make something else.  I'll never wear it again, so I might as well use it for something I can enjoy forever, like a quilt or pillow.

    I changed into a more casual dress for the reception.  The dress had a neckline that was beaded.  I've already ripped it to shreds to make a necklace that I wear a lot.
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    I have one dress from an old relationship that fell through before the wedding.  I am just going to give that one away, and use the tax right off.  And the one for the up coming wedding, I am going to have altered to have a sexy tub dress for our city honeymoon we are taking next year. 
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    I haven't quite decided. I'm toying with the idea of selling it on Ebay or something after the wedding, but we'll see how I'm feeling. I don't think I'll save it for future daughters though - the styles will be so different by then I'm sure and my future daughters may not have the same taste as I do. I have a fairly traditional-looking ball gown, but still. The breast cancer donation is a great idea though...
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    We're getting married in September, so either this Halloween or next we're going to go to our annual party as a dead bride and groom... too morbid? After that I may donate it to Brides Against Breast Cancer as long as it is still in great condition. That was a great idea!
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    I am doing a TTD session then I plan on preserving mine and keeping it for future children.
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    I trashed it, washed it and then donated it! 
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