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Black Bridesmaid Dress Alternatives?

Hello Knotties!

I am having my bridesmaids wear black dresses and allowing them to choose the dress under just a few guidelines (knee to tea length, nothing too tight or scandalous, etc.).  I want them to be able to stay within their own budgets and feel amazing that day.  I'm also not requiring them to wear the same dress/style/designer/etc.  However, I'm trying to give them suggestions and help them search as they want, but its proving to be slightly difficult finding dresses within all of their price ranges.

I've seen a lot of standard dress websites, like Dessy, and know bridal shops like David's Bridal, but I want to find other options for them as well.  I just figured I'd put it to the community and see if anyone had any suggestions about alternatives to the standard bridesmaid dress companies/websites?

We are all in different states to I'm trying to help from a distance!

Thanks for your help!

Re: Black Bridesmaid Dress Alternatives?

  • An option, since you are letting them shop on their own, would be to create a pintrest board or an account on a website like weddington way where you can post pictures of things similar to what you are thinking. That way, they have freedom to choose dresses that are not "bridesmaid dresses" but still have some examples of things you were thinking would go. Of course, if all you are telling them is black, short and not tight that is really all the direction they need. 
  • Think outside bridal shops. Macy's, Nordstrom, etc all have LBDs. Target also has a line of BM dresses around $70 that come in black. Think about the style of your wedding and then send them 5-6 photos of dresses you like. They'll figure it out from there.

  • I would check Modcloth out too! They have some really nice dresses for cheap. I found one dress for $50 that's exactly what I would like my BMs to have.

    David's Bridal also has a "evening/party" line. That line has dresses that are significantly cuter than their BM line and much cheaper too.

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    White House Black Market, Mod Cloth, Macys. You have such easy criteria, I don't understand what the problem is?

    My bridesmaids wore black dresses too, but they all used the same designer.


  • Maybe stop trying to help? I don't say that to be mean, but it's just a LBD. Chances are most of them have something appropriate in their closet already. If you're wanting to choose/"approve" before they buy you're going to have to let that go. By giving the criteria of black and knee/tea length, you have already relinquished further control of their choices as long as they follow those guidelines so back off and let them pick their dresses.

    Any mall or department store or boutique or consignment shop is bound to have at least one dress in their size that fits that description. Someone is making this harder than it needs to be but there's not enough information in the OP to know who.
  • DIL is a BM in a wedding this month, they got really cute black dresses from White House/Black Market.
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    Stores like TJ Maxx and Ross can have really good finds too, especially with something as popular as LBDs.
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    Thanks for the help everyone! 

    I guess I didn't explain enough- part of the reason is that they all wanted to get an idea of what I was envisioning or if I had any ideas.  The other part is because one BM keeps sharing pictures with all of us of dresses that are all very beautiful and seem that they would compliment most body shapes- however, she is finding said dresses on sites mentioned in my post (David's Bridal, Dessy, etc).  Don't get me wrong, this is very sweet of her and I'm glad she's so excited about the wedding.  However, I'm just worried that the price tag on some of those dresses might be too steep for a few of the maids.  I do realize that that is completely up to them and no one is forcing them to purchase a more expensive dress.  I just didn't want anyone to feel pressured into anything or to feel obligated to have a certain price tag because that's what another BM was doing. 

    I'm probably making this much harder on myself than I need to.  They're adults and can choose on their own, after all.  I guess I was just trying to be helpful and give them as many options as possible.  Several of them are juggling raising kids, working, school, etc, so I figured why not make it easier on them.  But you guys are right, I'll step back and let them figure it out.  They can come to me if they need anything or have any questions.

    Thanks for all of the suggestions and advice! 

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  • If any do ask you for a site I would definitely suggest Modcloth, like PPs said.  That site is the best.  They can order several, try them on, and send the rejects back for free.
  • edenisle said:

    Thanks for the help everyone! 

    I guess I didn't explain enough- part of the reason is that they all wanted to get an idea of what I was envisioning or if I had any ideas.  

    I would give them a little more guidance then. Tell them "knee length and flowy" or "knee length and lace" or "knee length and satin/shiny material". That should help if they want more direction. 

    Tell them the things you don't care about, too. Like "if you want to wear strapless, that's fine" or "I'm totally ok with tea length if you find something you like" or "if you like open back, go for it!"

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  • Just google-image LBDs and add links to the ones you like, whether they're celebrities wearing them or pages to a place where you can buy them.  That way the understand what you're thinking, but not all the links are to more expensive versions.
  • Other stores to check out online or in retails places

    • Banana Republic (for a cousins wedding, all the girls got the same LBD from there and they can so wear them again for anything)
    • Gap
    • Ann Taylor
    • The Loft
    • Target
    • Kohl's
    • Old Navy (yes, they have some cute dresses on there too, not super formal, but some nice LBD, that with the right shoes & accessories, would work just fine)
    • Lane Bryant
    • Torrid

    And if they are looking online, remind them to check out clearance areas too.


  • Thanks, everyone!  @southernbelle0915 that is a fabulous idea!  I don't know why I didn't think of that.  Thank you for all of the suggestions, guys!  I am passing them on as we speak!
  • Lulus and ASOS!
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    That maybe something unique but I don't think that's not a good idea. Choosing black is ok but having different designs is kinda off. I haven't heard Hong kong wedding planners doing that. 

    Hong Kong wedding planners?  Why bring that up?

    ETA: Based on your other posts you don't seem to realize that this is an international forum, not a Hong Kong-based forum.

  • If any of your girls WANT a dress from David's Bridal- i have a super cute black dress, strapless...perfect condition, only worn a few hours.

    size 12 I believe, fits very much like a 10.  I went up in size for comfort and movement around legs. Listed at $99, I am willing to sell  for $45.
  • Do they have to be "matchy"? I just let my BMs pick whatever each of them individually wanted to wear. The only requests were black, long, and not slutty. I had my 30 something SIL and my 13 year old sister and four twenty something friends. Some were plus sized, some were self conscious. Each one had a completely different dress.I got them all black scarves. They looked beautiful. It looked fine being all different. I just wanted everyone to be comfortable and in their own budget. Some lived in different provinces. This made it easy. Made everyone happy. They could wear their dress again if they chose or use one they already had. To me, it was something I didn't want to worry about. It turned out amazing.

    I even had one guest who loved it so much she did it with her wedding later - and with yellow dresses. I would have thought different colors than black wouldn't look as nice because there would most likely be different shades, but it was also wonderful and beautiful, when though all the dresses are different styles, materials, and shades of yellow.

    I am also a person who is into fashion and cares how things go and look. I even gave myself ulcers from the stress of planning the wedding, so it is not that I don't care. I am very very textbook Type A.
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