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    eisdod68 said:

    Hey everyone. I have a serious dilemma here. My MOH, who has been a drifter best friend (we're more involved in each others' lives at some points and less at others) hasn't been helping me out with wedding stuff. I asked her to be the MOH about a year ago, and she of course accepted without hesitation. Well, she was spending a lot of time over here because she had just gotten out of a serious relationship back in December. My wedding is at the end of April--crunch time. She got a new boyfriend back in February, and has pretty much been absentee. I've asked her for help on multiple occasions, even told her I felt like I was about to have a mental breakdown because I needed help, but she just kept bailing on me. One of my bridesmaids asked what she could do to help, so I asked her to plan the bachelorette party because my MOH wasn't doing anything. I FINALLY called my MOH out for everything today, asked her if she felt she was being as helpful as she possibly could be, etc. and she agreed with me that she hasn't been.

    My question is, I'm thinking of asking her to step down and letting my cousin, who is planning the bachelorette party, to take her place. Please help me figure this out. I'm so confused about what to do. I'm either going to do it, or I'm not. I'm not going to "dangle" it in front of my current MOH's face and let her "try to make up for it." I just feel that since my cousin is doing the hard work, she should get the role of being the MOH. Thanks in advance.

    have you read any other posts on this board? don't do this, it's mean. or if you want to lose your best friend forever because you "demoted" her, then by all means, go for it.

    your friend, bridesmaids or MOH don't have to help you with anything for your wedding. the only person who has to help you is your fiance. and you can't make someone plan a bachelorette party for you, it's a party in your honor that someone hosts.  you can't demand it and put it on someone to plan.

    think about how your best friend feels in this siutation. how would you feel if she demoted you from her MOH if you didn't do things for her wedding? yeah, pretty shitty. her world doesn't revolve around you or your wedding, even if she is your best friend. grow up.

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    Newp, probably only has read the posts on WW or WeddingBee or Reddit.  Hence her DD here when she didn't get the validation she sought.

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    Wait, my MOH was supposed to help plan my wedding? Do I get a do over?


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