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Help! Decorating Advice for an eyesore

I am getting married at a church that is beautiful. The reception will be outside in the back yard of the church-- also beautiful. There are rolling hills and farmland and green grass and then... this 
dirty swingset.
One of those with the yellow tube slide that just gets marked up with dirt and shoe marks. 

Well, this thing is anchored, there is no budging it! Moving it is not an option, and it is nearly central to the entrance of our reception so there is no chance that people may not notice it. I'm wondering about how I could possibly cover it up or dress it up so that it doesn't taint the rest of our beautiful reception! Please let me know ANY ideas or resources. I am getting married in three weeks!!

Re: Help! Decorating Advice for an eyesore

  • Unfortunately I feel like anything you might do to "cover it up" will draw people's attention to it more. I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially since it's during the reception and people will be dancing and eating and having too much fun to notice it!
  • How about this - volunteer to clean the swing set up for the church since it provides a useful service to be there (if it's one of the wooden ones, a refresher coat of paint)...  I think you're overthinking this..  Really!!!  The swing set is the least of your worries and may provide for an awesome backdrop for photos the day of..  If sneaker marks are the problem, volunteer to bring some Mr. Clean pads and clean the marks up...
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    If it's a crazy tall one, you're kind of stuck.
    If you really really really hate the sight of it (and it sounds like you do) look into pipe and drape rental, and voila. It's behind a wall. 
    Usually about 30-40 dollars per ten foot section. At the cost of fabric, you can't even DIY that cheaply.

    Or, tenting the area- more expensive, but also nice for keeping shade in/rain out) and make sure there's a solid wall on that side. Even a small one to two might work, if you don't want to tent the whole yard. Like this:

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