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“We’re still having a wedding though!”


Re: “We’re still having a wedding though!”

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    banana468 said:
    I have had birthday parties on days that weren't my birthday but you know what - I didn't call that day my birthday.

    If the couple wants to celebrate their exchange of vows not on their wedding day then as long as they're hosting those that WERE at their wedding day, I'll bite.

    But they can't call it a wedding because it isn't one.   A wedding is when two people get married.   If they aren't getting married on that day then the celebration isn't a wedding.    

    And since there are people out there who don't even HAVE the rights that many others do, yeah you can bet that I'm going to call out those who think that a wedding = white dress and big party.
    I am with you on this! A wedding is however you chose to celebrate ON THE DAY you legally bind yourselves to each other. Wedding does NOT equal white dress and big party, that is a party with someone in a white dress if they aren't actually saying their vows to each other that day for the first time. Also, this is basically saying that two men getting married never have a wedding unless one of them dresses in a white dress (also takes out anyone who wore a different color dress, went to the courthouse without doing a party, did a destination with two close friends etc.)

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    Basically I think it's crap if you think it's not a wedding unless it's a party when plenty of people can't do that.  

    It also mock those who just wanted a small event by the JP.   

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    Laur6515 said:
    Clearly someone didn't lurk OR see that this is the Snarky Brides board, not the Blow-Sunshine-Up-Everyone's-Ass board.

      Snarky Brides? or I'm Bitter Lets Hate on Everyone Else Brides?

    banana468 said:
    Laur6515 said:

    Yikes.  Wrong thread to be a happy person.  Good luck criticizing other people's happiness & plans. 

    My late grandmother was really happy one hot August day when she told me that she was wearing her green outfit because it was St. Patrick's day.   That didn't make her right.

    And as @CookiePusher said, this is the snarky brides board.   Did you honestly expect to come out defending inappropriate behavior with a response that was not snarky?  Do you honestly think it's OK to put on a show for guests??

    I don't get it.   A wedding is where two people get married.   When did it start being an event where two people can pretend to do it?? 

    Inappropriate? according to who? You? who cares about your opinion.  Let the girl celebrate however she wants.  She is the bride, not you.
    And yes, I think its ok to celebrate however you want to when you get married. 

    Have you ever had a birthday party that wasn't on your EXACT birthday?  if you have, how dare you if its not actually ON your bday?


    But if she's married, then she's the WIFE, NOT the BRIDE.  So, if we're letting the bride do whatever she wants because it's her day, that's fine (stupid, but fine), but that doesn't apply to someone who is a WIFE.
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