Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

So dreading this page once the wedding is over :(

So dreading this page once the wedding is over :(  I try not to even look at this board. LOL

Re: So dreading this page once the wedding is over :(

  • LOL!
    You will have your moments once the wedding is over but as time goes on it gets easier. Especially when you get back into your regular routine. The first few months of being married I used to look through our photos and watch the video all the time (my mother as well). It was crazy,lol. But as time goes on, it gets easier and being married becomes part of your day to day life Smile
  • I guess I'm lucky- I'm much happier basking in the joy of being married over planning.  Not to say I didn't enjoy my planning, but I like not having to scrimp and save anymore and having the time to do unwedding-related things.

    I used to stress coming on here sometimes while engaged, but now it's just nice to hang out.
  • Yea, I really miss my wedding a lot...but now i'm focusing on cooking and baking and other things like that...pinterest helps!
  • I really miss planning my wedding. I am also very sad that I don't have the wedding to look forward to. I'm so sad it's over. I think about it all the time and I even cry from time to time that the day has come and gone. :(
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  • I am having the same feeling...I know that my post wedding depression is going to be bad. :( But I plan on making a scrapbook about the wedding, and we are going on our honeymoon later in the year and also are going to try to buy a house this year, so I hope I can focus on those things instead!
  • I had a rough time with coming down from the whole thing...I expected it to some degree because it just took so much time and I knew it would be different when I had free time again. But the people on this page was better knowing I wasn't the only one so at least know you have somewhere to vent to people who will understand.
  • I thought I would dread my post-wedding blues, but we made sure to enjoy each event after our wedding. I made Christmas a pretty big deal this year, haha.

    One thing that actually makes me bluesy is the wedding boards on Pinterest. Sometimes (maybe 3 times since my wedding) I have bad dreams about getting married and no one listening to my vows. I think it's because I get wrapped up in looking back on the details of the event after seeing all those picture perfect venues and thinking 'oh I could have done this detail differently'. After the wedding, you can focus on your *married life*. When I keep that in mind, I definitely prefer married life over my wedding planning.
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    I guess Im wierd or something but IM SO READY for this wedding to be done. But then again him and I have been unlegally married from the beginning. I dont want to plan anything else...
  • I wonder about how I'll feel after th eplanning and weddin gis over as well. Like what else should I look forward to. But in all honesty, we have a bit to look forward to, so looking forward to the day.
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  • I'm the complete opposite.  I'm so ready for the planning, decision making, DIYing, and questions to be done so I can just be married.  :)  But I understand what you mean.

  • I have thought about this as well, but I am also REALLY looking forward  to the honeymoon and then to having a baby so I think I am going to approach my wedding as the 1st day to the rest of my life and look forward to what comes next. But I imagine I will also have that "Christmas Day hangover" feeling anyway! 
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