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Ugh...I REALLY Fear the Bridezilla Title

Hi all, sorry this is kind of a long rant.

I'm starting to get into a little bit of panic mode... Even though I know in theory it's super early and we have tons of time. I work crazy hours through the summer and so I know I won't be able to do much planning from June through August, and then pretty soon we start closing in on the one year mark, the holidays are here before you know it (see what I mean?) the thing is my parents are paying for the wedding and I am trying to at least the things that should be done this summer out of the way so we don't start falling behind.

FH's parents are paying for the rehearsal dinner and they live far from my parents (where the wedding will be. They have the venue narrowed down to two spaces (one of which books up fairly quickly so that visit shouldn't wait until Septmber/October now we have a visit scheduled for May (such a relief) but I hate feeling like I am pressuring them to schedule things when they are being generous enough to pay. It's just that if we are going to go visit (in theory they could go by themselves but they are planning on staying the night w my parents and my parents want FH & I there and we also want to be there for the venue visit) I have to put in for time off before the 15th of the month prior which is why I've been pressing them for a date now...ugh

Am I crazy?

Re: Ugh...I REALLY Fear the Bridezilla Title

  • I don't think you are being crazy. Nowadays venues for everything are booking up so fast, especially very popular places. If you have a crazy schedule the best thing you can do is get all the big stuff out of the way. As long as you explain why you want to look at the venue now and make sure they know how much you appreciate what they are doing for you I think they would understand.  I had a venue I was looking into for a September 2016 wedding, they had just started taking reservations for the Fall of 2016 on April 1st, when I called on April 3rd, everything in Sept and everything in Oct with the exception of Oct 29th were already booked. Its crazy out there. LOL

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks @AngelFrat :) I think what's making me the most anxious is how far away they live from the wedding and FH's father has the tendency to leave things to the last minute. Also it's kind of the balance of trying to make things easier for them without seeming pushy. Our wedding is near my parents so they/I know the area well but FH and his parents don't. So my mother and I have a good idea of what caterers and event locations do a good job, but I don't want to come across as bossy; I just don't want them to bother with dealing with places that I know from experience don't do a good job. I'm probably over-thinking it :/
  • @AngelFrat do you have a date yet?
  • I do. Sept 10, 2016.
  • shlasher said:

    @AngelFrat do you have a date yet?

    I do. Sept 10,2016.

  • I don't think you're being crazy at all.  They understand that things book fast.  Where I'm from, venues book fast.  We got engaged Dec. 24,2014 and went to look at venues January 1.  The place we fell in love with at that time had 3 weekends booked already for the fall of 2016.  We put a hold on a date and we were told we would have 3 weeks to decide.  I got a call 9 days later saying that August-October 2016 were all booked now and she had 4 couples wanting our date.  So we booked our venue in January 2015 for our September 2016 wedding.  
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