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So we've all seen the DIY photo booths at weddings, with props, etc and those are fun, but I'd really like to come up with a way to create a video booth. I'm not about to rent one, because well, I'm too cheap. I have tried to come up with an app for an iPad that I could set up, but it's got to be pretty "dummy proof". Does anybody know of any such app, or software for a laptop, or any other brilliant ideas? I'm hoping for approximately 30 second videos where guests can just leave a short message to be part of our wedding video (yeah, that's also a DIY project). Basically it's going to be in place of our guest book. But if I can avoid it, I don't want to ask anyone to spend the whole evening manning a video camera. Any suggestions??

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    Get a gopro camera (some places even rent them for around $40/day or you can buy a "action camera" not the branded kind for even less)  Set it up on a tripod, or something similar to a selfie stick.  Have it turned on at all times, but leave directions on how to start and stop the video.  Those who want to leave a message will, or they can use the camera to capture a funny moment at the wedding.  The good thing with the gopro camera is that you can grab stills from the video.  You could also record the entire ceremony and put it to time lapse.  There are a ton of possibilities and multiple uses.  

    If you end up buying one, it's a pretty decent investment.  The camera takes photo and video, is small, and has a lot of handy functions.  I used one on a recent vacation and we decided that we want one for the wedding for sure.  It's also going to come in handy for the honeymoon when we don't want to carry our DSLR.
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    I don't think be a popular thing, sorry. Photo booths work bc people want a copy of the photo.

    If you do this, do not ask someone to man it all night. Pay someone to man it. That's a job for a vendor, not a friend or family member who should be enjoying the reception.
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    Well I think you are asking for two different things. As photokitty said photo booths work because people want a copy of their photo. This is a way to include something fun and trendy into your wedding. If you want your guests to leave you a message you should either use a gopro camera or use a wedding video app. I am using an app called WeddingMix, their videos are super personalized.
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