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Oh, RSVP's...


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    larrygaga said:

    I would tell them no. They were not invited.

    Unfortunately, when you become a parent you sometimes have to realize that your kids aren't the center of anyone else's lives but your own. Being a parent hopefully means you are an adult, which means you need to make choices. If they seriously have nobody to leave their kids with for a few days than I guess they don't get to go anywhere!

    My favorite RSVP is when my MOH and little sister checked the decline box, and then wrote on the back "JK". That was it. I saved it.
    Honestly, I was also thinking this. Would it have been so hard to just ask if their kid was invited? And if he wasn't, then couldn't just one of them come, maybe my cousin? He went alone to our uncle's wedding a few years ago, in Virginia, so clearly he could have come to ours alone too. I don't understand why people assume that their children are invited to all events.


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