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Scouting at Paris?

Girlies, guyses, brides to be and married loves,
Have any of you done scouting trips to the chapels at Paris? 

I'm trying to finalize my last appointments for our scouting trip (18 days!), and I'm a little unsure on this chapel. I can't book the appointment to check out the chapel until a couple weeks out, so I'm wondering if it's worth booking said appointment, or if we should just show up and see what we can see. 

It's not a high priority appointment as we're seriously considering in-suite, but I am absolutely in love with Paris as a hotel, so I'm wondering if it's worth it. (That and one of our other venues has just stopped responding to my e-mails trying to confirm my appointment.)

Re: Scouting at Paris?

  • I am getting married in the Chapelle du Paradis chapel at Paris. I wasn't able to do a scouting trip, so I just researched pictures online. I was able to find some videos on YouTube of couples getting married there as well. 

    About five years ago, my fiance and I visited Las Vegas together and decided to look around at some chapels for fun as we've always talked about getting married in Vegas. I remember being able to just show up and view the chapels without much trouble. 

    A word of warning...Jaclyn from Paris takes FOREVER to respond to emails, even if you've already booked your wedding with them like me! She hasn't always been this slow, but lately it's been getting out of hand. I keep telling myself it's because she's probably very busy with all the spring weddings.'ve been warned. 
  • Thanks for the warning, @americankorean

    I've found that ALL of my potential vendors have been painfully slow to respond to e-mails, or my stuff is getting missed (nbd since we're in the scouting phase), with the exception of Ashley at Mandalay Bay, who's actually prompting me for responses, which is amazing! I'm not even a big fan of Mandalay Bay, but her promptness makes me want to consider it as a venue.

    I was e-mailing with Sarah, who responded to my most recent inquiry about booking a viewing and she said we can just show up and take a peek (before that it was Heather). We'd only be able to not 'just show up' if there's an actual wedding going on. 

    Personally I'm interested in the Chapelle du Jardin, but if you'd like and we make it to Paris, I can snap some photos for you! :)

    Moral of the story: Apparently you can just show up and it's not a big deal. Phooey on waiting for weeks to find this out.
  • @xoeden, Mandalay Bay might be the way to go, then. At the end of the day, you need a coordinator who will actually respond to your emails, you know? 

    Regarding the Chapelle du Paradis...I would LOVE IT if you could get a few pics for me! Thanks!
  • @americankorean, You are completely right. We'll see how the scouting trip goes and what happens next. :)

    I'll make sure to grab some pictures for you if we can get in there! 16 days!
  • @xoeden @americankorean I just got married at The Chapelle du Paradis on Wednesday and it was amazing!! I wanted to have everything at Mandalay Bay originally but thought the chapels were too plain and they were more expensive. We did the Adore package, then got a party bus to take everyone to our insuite at Mandalay. Everything was so perfect!! I highly recommend Paris for the ceremony!
  • @AnreaZubia85, glad to hear it! Thanks for sharing!! :)
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