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Seating chart app?

Hi all,

The RSVPs are coming in and it's time to start assigning seats!  Do any of you know about a seating chart app?  Ideally I'd be able to share it with my fiancé and parents, but even if not, it would be so great to tap through the seating arrangements!  Thanks.

Re: Seating chart app?

  • I just used an excel spreadsheet.  I saved it to google docs and shared with people for feedback.  
  • I've not seen any apps. The seating chart thingy on the knot is slightly annoying. Agree with above, just do it on excel.

    OR get crafty, cut out tables and do it the old fashion way. 

  • I've been liking the seating chart functionality on weddingwire, it's cool to see the room all laid out and then just drag names where you want them, but you can't use it on their mobile version/app.
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    My venue has a lay out of each of the dining rooms online.  I printed out copy for our room, then I blew it up on the poster marker we have in my office at work.   I plan on buying the small tab stickies and creating a rough draft first.  If I do it this way, I can manipulate the stickies if I need to change people's seats.  I'm also a very visual person and this will help me to make sure all the seats are filled.   After that, I'm going to create an excel spreadsheet with all guest's names and their dinner choice.   My venue requires a copy of this list because they don't use seating cards. The waitstaff escorts each guest to their seat and confirms their dinner selection. 
  • scribe95 said:

    Just use Excel. I set up tables of eight and before RSVP's simply put every guest at a table. Then as they came in I deleted and rearranged just a few minutes a day so it wasn't a big daunting task.

    This is a great idea. Working on it for a few minutes each day. I just mailed our invites out yesterday and expect to see some RSVPs coming in next week! Thanks for the tip @scribe95 !
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  • Thanks all!  I agree, I love scribe's idea.  I will use excel :)
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