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Wedding Day Anxiety

I suffer from anxiety, big time.  I had an awful attack during a catering meeting and set up meeting at our venue yesterday.  I was so bad the attack continued for hours after we had left the venue.  I've seen a doctor before and tried a bunch of different relaxation techniques.  I don't want to use drugs unless as a last resort.  I'm wondering what everyone did to help reduce their nerves and jitters the day of their wedding.  Any positive suggestions are welcomed. 
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Re: Wedding Day Anxiety

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    If it's that bad for you, I strongly strongly suggest you see a doctor.  Panic and anxiety attacks are probably not going to be cured easily with meditation or breathing techniques that other people with a lower stress level could do.  If you went to a therapist for a long time, you might be able to get past it without medication but I'd say that what you are describing is much more severe than the average person's anxiety.  I think that if only for this time in your life that medication might be the best bet.  And medication is not a cure all. It takes a long time to find one that works well without side effects, etc.  You should go to the doctor as soon as possible to see what he/she suggests. 
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