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I've been reading up on DIY for flowers and had questions. I'll be meeting with a florist Sunday, so I'll get more answers then, but thought I should be prepared a bit before then.

I think I will do my on center pieces. I'm thinking Costco bundles. Once I get them, how do I prep them so they don't die on me quickly? I heard of people putting flowers into fridges the night before to keep them fresh, but what's the proper way to keep them fresh for the wedding day? 

My friend said he made his the night before (with fiancee) and stored them in a fridge at their ceremony/reception location, then his family set them out in the morning before the event started. I have never gardened before with plants out of soil, so I'm wondering how you guys kept them fresh and stored. I would be sad to have droopy flowers on the day of. 

Re: DIY Flowers Question

  • A lot depends on the types of blooms you choose.  Roses, daisies, carnations, are all pretty forgiving such that you can put them on the tables the night before and be good to go come the time of your reception.  Some blooms actually need that time outside of the fridge to open up (couple days)... 

    IMO, Sam's sells "kits" of real flowers already done up for weddings that you literally cut the stems and follow the directions in the box.  If you don't have experience, your wedding is not the time to get it especially considering the value of your time in the immediate days leading up to your reception.  You're likely better to find someone willing to put the flowers on the tables for you and avoid the delivery fee if there is one as a way to save some money, but from what you've said about not having experience with anything flowers, DIY flowers may be more of a disaster for you than just going with something simpler by your florist and not having to stress about it.. 

  • I was planning on doing some trials this summer and seeing how they last, what looks good, prepping, etc. I have a florist friend that will be helping me and I'll be learning so I know what to do, but I will talk to the florist tomorrow to see if she has a good price on them so I don't have to do it myself. 

    I never knew there were "kits", that sounds pretty interesting. I will have to look into it. I've handled plants in soil and in my garden, just haven't made centerpieces before. 
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