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What are you stressing about today?


Re: What are you stressing about today?

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    @rusticbride27 Yup, I've got a big giant wedding board on pinterest! Here's to hoping I can pull off all of the awesome things I've pinned! So far things have gone well so I'm hoping they will continue :)
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    ALL OF IT. I'm even stressing about the shower and the bachlorette party!!!!
    I still need to order flowers, alcohol, and our rings. I have A TON of wedding DIY projects I want to do but I lack the skills to get started. I have my MOH coming over this weekend to help.
    I'm just a little stressed at this 2 month mark!
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    well I am finally through the worst stress so far, and hoping it will be the worst out of all the planning process..

    first: my 11 year old sister's dress we ordered in March, DIDN'T come in and the shop got rude with me and I demanded a refund of the 1/2 we paid for the dress.. (luckily I actually hated the dress, but was talked in to it..) so we found one at Davids Bridal that I love, (the brat my not but who cares, she is spoiled out of her mind anyways, and hates everything 11 going on 30). then my mom did a disappearing act, I couldn't get a hold of her for a week to see if the new dress had been ordered.. so I had maybe a tiny bit of a bridezilla moment because we will for sure need alterations.. she has since informed me that it is already in and have planned an alterations appointment next week whew!!

    Second: My mother offered to buy the invites, and we worked together to create them, and she ordered them. the day that we went to Davids to pick out my little sisters dress, she informs me that her lovly dog that I already dislike, ripped up my invites.. **insert panic attack** she quickly informs me that she has already reordered and shipped them directly to my house.. they were to be there August 4th.. well this was in with in the week that I couldn't get a hold of my mother, so August 8th we rushed and paid DOUBLE for invites so we could get them this week.. my wonderful FH and I assembled them last night and I placed them in the mail today!! again almost a week later than I wanted, but Whew.. (Oh and the ones my mom ordered, still not here....**eye roll)

    Third: I have a TON of DIY stuff, I know my own decision, but saves us a ton of $$$ and I love crafts.. but I have made all my signage, printed material, and other than last minute things like setting up the centerpieces I am DONE!!

    considering all my vendors have worked together, and we are paying them off by the end of this month, and all i have to do is confirm with vendors final details.. and pick up the marriage lic, suits, and what ever else comes up.. Hopefuly it all runs smoothly and i can sit back and enjoy the ride... starting with my bridal shower this weekend!


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    I still have a bunch to do in so little time! I'm actually more than stressing out here.

    We still haven't gone by a ring shop or the pawn shop, so we will be picking up those this week along with dropping off the invitations at the Post Office. But they're all addressed and stamped ready to go!

    I still need to have FH get his 3 last groomsmen sized and pick out their converses. Then the bridesmaids still haven't purchased their dresses, so i'm freaking out about that. We are getting them at David's Bridal. They're already picked out but no one has purchased theirs yet and some still haven't even tried them on. I'm getting nervous about this one. Alterations for them will not be needed. 

    Speaking of alterations, I still need to have my first fitting done. YIKES! Along with that I need to get my veil, shoes, and jewelry.

    The cake is already picked out and priced, but need to go and pay that off in the next few days. 

    I need to go to antique shops, Michael's, and Target to get centerpieces (which are already mapped out).

    In my bouquet i'm remembering my mother who passed away and I will be putting her photo in a tiny frame on my bouquet. Then I need to get my bouquet.

    I need to purchase my handfasting cords and finish vows.

    Finalize the song list, and talk with my officiant about the final ceremony script and all that jazz. 

    Then after that, all I have left to do is make the favors (which will be caramel apples).

    I have 7 weeks to go from today. Hope I can get it all done in time!
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