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Not In Love with Our Photos - Trying to Get Over It

Hi ladies, 

I was married in September and our wedding day was everything I had hoped it to be. I knew that at the end of the day, all I really wanted to was simply be married and hope that everyone who attended our wedding had a great time, so my goal was met and them some. 

We researched our photographers carefully and loved our engagement photos, so I never considered NOT liking our wedding pictures, but sadly, I do not. While their style looked amazing for other weddings they did, it just didn't work with ours. I'm trying to focus on the handful of photos that I love from the 650 they gave us, but a part of me is so very sad that most of them didn't turn out like I expected.

I'm a realistic person and know that the only thing that mattered on our wedding day was our marriage and celebrating with our families, but I cannot seem to get over the fact that I would have definitely chosen a different photographer. I suppose I'm a little sad that the wedding is over as well, but I cannot shake this regretful feeling. Its so bad that I hate looking at other wedding photos thinking that I could have had that. Its definitely not in my personality to compare like this and I just want to put this feeling to rest and move on.

 Anyone else feel this way after their wedding? I'm guessing the regrets go away with time, right? Or do I just need a good slap in the face and someone to tell me  to move on and focus on more important things? :) That's where you come in! 

Another point to add to the rambling: I feel that with The Knot, TV shows and movies making weddings out to be the pinnacle celebration of our lives, we put so much pressure on making them perfect and when they don't live up to our extreme expectations, then the regrets follow. I'm trying to remember that there are so many more important things than perfect wedding photos and keep reminding myself of how extremely wonderful the day was. 

So...can anyone relate?

Re: Not In Love with Our Photos - Trying to Get Over It

  • I'm not married yet, but this is one of my fears.

    You said you have a handful that you like - it's better than nothing. The thing about photography is that you'll often only get a couple of great shots from the hundreds that are taken. I know it's upsetting, but try to make the most of what you have.
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  • I loved our sneak peak so far, but I still wish we didn't get a professional photographer. Think of ALL that money, for a ton of nice pictures, and I'll maybe hang one or two up....the rest will be on the computer or in an album, that I'll look at mayyyybe once a year. And in a couple of years, I'll probably take town those couple that I had hanging anyways. Plus, my aunt went crazy with pictures that day, she took over 300, and if I had known she was going to take so many, I would have not gotten a photographer at all! 
  • I love the quality of our photos, there were only 2 things I was bummed about, which were not the photographer's fault.

    1. In the pics of my dad and I walking down the aisle, the catering coordinator is standing directly behind us. We entered the aisle from the beautiful iron front gates of the house and I imagined having a gorgeous pic of that, but she kind of ruined it. No, she REALLY ruined it. I'm trying to get over it.

    2. My mom was looking after our son a large part of the reception so there are no photos of her other than the family photos and that makes me sad. There are also minimal photos of our son, but he was having a bad day, so I value the ones we did get with him.

    Just try to stay positive and hang onto the ones you do like.
  • For anyone who has 'problem photos' I ran across a web site when I was blogging on
     /wedpicstodiefor dot blogspot dot com slash 2011/08 slash have-bad-wedding-photo-try-this.html

    it's a company called fixsuckypixs--it won't solve all your problems but it will remove people who aren't supposed to be there and adjust the lighting etc.  worth checking out to see if they can help you have that one very special photo you wanted but ddin't get due to 'photographer error'

    Not affiliated with them at all, haven't used them personally, but seems like it might be a good idea. 
  • I have a similar situation, I do like the pictures that the photographer took, but I´m dissapointed there is not even one shot of my centerpieces, I spent a lot of cash in having those orchids sent from Holland to Los Cabos, Mx, and I spent the whole night before the wedding doing my centerpieces ( I submerged one orchid on a large vase, and put pebbles and crystals at the bottom).

    I hated the pictures of my bouquet tossing, they were absolutly unflattering, (my teeth are a little crooked and in the angle the photographer took the shots I looked weird because my mouth looks wide open) and she only took like 5 pictures of that moment. So I´m having a whole page of my photo album with hideous pictures, because I don´t have the heart not to put the tossing on the album.
    Also, the photographer didn´t take one single picture of my bouquet!!!!!!!! can you believe that???? Only the pics she took while I was carrying it, but not one shot of just the bouquet, and no pictures of my bridesmaids flower bracelets (instead of bouquets).... she missed a lot of important shots... when our ceremony was over our guests blew bubbles at us,,, guess what! no pictures of the bubbles either, phew!
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  • My feelings exactly.  We spent way too long researching our photog and spent a good amount on him.  However, he missed several key shots (groom's first look!) and a handful of family shots I had requested.  But he managed to capture everytime I made a "retarded/stupid" face because my face felt tight along with others that I really could have done without.  Maybe it was an artist thing but it missed its mark with me wanting to use them for our album. 

    After looking at his portfolio, I truly expected more artistic shots with the locations I chose but those never happened.
  • And also, no pictures of my parents at the party... specially from mom... very few pictures of my mother, they are SO SAD about it, because there´s TONS of pictues of my in-laws, and my mom and dad feel left-out.

    My husband spent some cash on a gold necklace with a diamond and opal heart-shaped pendant for my daughter and the photographer didn´t take one single shot a it,

    The ring pictures?? gorgeous shot of them on a phalaenopsis... but of the BACK of the rings!! Diamond wedding bands and you CAN´T see the diamonds... my list of complains can go on...

    Absolutly love the nice shots, but can´t get over the missed/bad ones.
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  • I'm so sorry, that sucks.

    A lot of my friends have had wedding regrets of some kind or another.

    I'm kind of terrified of it.
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