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my venue just started receiving really bad yelp reviews!


Re: my venue just started receiving really bad yelp reviews!

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    Thanks guys!! Sorry, I lied. I didn't send out my invitations. I don't even have a B list. I just didn't want to re print them and didn't want to go into that as my concern wasnt about that. Had I mentioned it was because of how expensive my invites were, I would have gotten judged for that by poor people, so I tried to make up another excuse but I'll get judged n omatter what Soo I guess it doesn't matter. I should have assumed you crazy cats would focus on everything BUT the reason for my post though. Lol! Was just seeking advice but I was able to talk with Dj who was very experienced and professional and was able to talk to the owner about getting a special event permit from the county. Thanks guys! Problem solved!!


    And you were worried about being judged by "poor people?!"  Are you serious?


    I still judge the fuck out of you for wasting money on "expensive" invitations.
    Nene wins the internet.
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