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XP: Help me find a dress (to wear to someone else's wedding!)

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Hi ladies, I'm attending a (pretty awesome) wedding in mid-June and I need to find an awesome dress.  It's black tie optional (I know, not really a thing, but it does give me an idea of how fancy it will be), and at a historic/glad venue in downtown DC; it's a big wedding.

I would be open to wearing a long dress (I mean, when do I get to wear a long dress?!) but I would probably get something from Rent the Runway since I won't have many opportunities to wear a long dress again; however, June in DC is warm, and muggy, and well, I like my legs a lot more than I like my arms so I'd prefer to probably go cocktail length (unless it was the perfect long dress).

I would prefer something with long sleeves or short sleeves; no strapless and no sleeveless (I'm self concious about my crossfit arms; silly, I know).  I'm typically a size 6 in dresses, but can always get it altered.  Here's some examples of ones I like, but I'd really be interested in other ideas.  Oh, and I'm not a flowery-dress type person-simple, darker colors or simple patterns...Help!

Ones I like:  
Click (just worried that there isn't enough structure, and since I'm curvy/hippy, a defined waist is a good feature I want to show)
Click (but sequins can be...messy)

Re: XP: Help me find a dress (to wear to someone else's wedding!)

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