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Wedding Venue pricing! The Imperia, The Bridgewater Manor, primavera regency

Hi ladies! So I'm new to the site and recently engaged (in December) we finally picked a date (hoping for 8/13/16) so it is an in season wedding. I'm curious if anyone knows what the pricing per plate (with or without tax and gratuity) are for the following places: The Imperia, The Bridgewater Manor, and Primavera Regency? I'm open to other venue suggestions as well. I would love a place with great food and a really nice outside ceremony area since we will be getting married outside. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advanced!

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Re: Wedding Venue pricing! The Imperia, The Bridgewater Manor, primavera regency

  • Hi and Congratulations!!! I am getting married at Primavera 11/7/15. We guaranteed 140 people and are paying $120 a person plus tax and gratuity. That is for their Royal Menu and includes everything other then the sushi upgrade.

    You get a ton for the money and the food is amazing! It was also a requirement for us that our wedding be the only event going on. Michael has been amazingly accommodating and super responsive with any questions or requests that we have had.

    I would recommend Primavera to anyone!
  • Thank you Jenn I wonder if the in season price is much higher or did
    they still consider November in season, I know some places do and some
    don't. I've heard wonderful things about them and heard the food is
    beyond great! Thank you for your help!
  • I am not sure how much higher pricing is for in season but I had friends who got married there last May and they actually paid less then us because they guaranteed more so I would definitely call them.

    The food is amazing and by far the best wedding food I have ever had! The minute we attended a wedding there and I saw cocktail hour plus dinner plus the Vienese hour for dessert I was sold. Then once I started working with them I knew we made the right decision. I can not say enough about how accommodating they have been and how quickly Michael responds to emails or phone calls. PM me if you want any other specifics about Primavera or any other vendors. We are totally hooked and planned.
  • majesty318majesty318 NJ member
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    I will recommend my venue, Knoll Country Club. We got married there last May at the east building (they have 2 buildings, east & west). We had our ceremony outside. The food was amazing and there was a ton of it!
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    Call them and ask them.  Most will give you pricing over the phone....they don't want to waste their time with an appt only to find it's out of your price range.
  • Thanks ladies! I have an appt to go view the primavera next week so I am excited. I left a message for the Bridgewater manor so I'm waiting to hear back from them. I'm looking for a place with a nice outside for the ceremony and maybe even large enough to do the pictures on site as well. 
  • @Knottie69757596 let me know what you think of Primavera!
  • Jenn, I will! We go on Wednesday. We went to the Bridgewater Manor today, it wasn't what I expected. I hope the Primavera is big enough to hold our guests though.

  • The Bridgewater Manir is very dated and it was super important to me that there only be 1 event at a time. I think Primavera can hold up to 400 in the ballroom. I can wait to hear what you think!
  • I will! Do you happen to know what the service charge is?
  • Knottie69757596 tax is 7%,  House charge is 18% and then there is a $450 maitre'd charge.

    It was pretty standard everywhere I went.
  • @Knottie69757596 how did it go at Primavera tonight?
  • @Jenn7778 I liked it they seem to offer a lot for your money. I'm just having a hard time visualizing a party as large as mine having the ceremony there because the area seems small and the reception room looks on the smaller side. However, when we went it was set for 190 and it didn't even look like it was set for that many. I just don't want people to feel squished.
  • Jenn7778Jenn7778 member
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    Our friends had 230 at their wedding there and there was plenty of room. We did not feel squished at all and there was plenty of room on the dabcefloor.

    They did not have the ceremony there but the ballroom is definitely big enough.
  • Oh awesome thank you!
  • @Knottie69757596 I just had my wedding there on Mother's Day...I had 140 guest and I had to remove alot of tables at least 10...so you should be fine!! Also remember the tables seat comfortably anywhere from 10-14 people per table....So no worries...

    FYI your guest are going to talk about the food for weeks!!!....My family and friends are STILL talking about how great the food was, 17 days later...We were getting calls and 'emails' while we were on our honeymoon, facebook post....it has been crazy!!!  We also did the venetian...AMAZING....well worth the money.....

    My vote book now before someone else gets your date, I booked my wedding 2 years in advance and when they opened the book, there was only 1 Saturday available and 2 Sunday's including the one I took.....

    Im so excited for you, typing this is making me relive my day!!!!...Unfortunately I don't have any good pictures of the room, just my table settings and decor....
  • @love0208 I booked 21 months out and had the same experience. I got the last Saturday they had on the books and it just happened to be the date we had already booked with he church! I breathed a huge sigh of relief because there was really nowhere else that I wanted to have our reception.

    The food is ridiculously good and they give you so much for your money!

    Would you mind posting some of your pics of the tables and such just so we can see? I love seeing people's tablescapes!
  • Hey @ Jenn7778 sure !! You are going to be so happy with Primavera!!!  I know how you feel because I only thought about it for a night, but that was a long night, lol, because I was scared by the time I call the next afternoon that someone was going to take my day !! LOL...
    EVERYbody raved about the steak FYI ....... and I chose lobster bisque....people went crazy for it!!! Almost every bite had lobster, loved loved it!!

    This is the best pic to show it good...these are pics that was taken by my friend and the florist...I didn't do all the tables the same, I did half and half.... :)  So half the tables had the rings and the other half had the candle display...my cousin did the menus, God Bless her patience lol

  • @love0208 I love your menus!!!!

    did you buy the Chargers or did they provide those? We are doing half high floral centerpieces and half low floral centerpieces and our colors are black, white and blush so I need to figure out linens also!

    Good to know about the lobster bisque! We are getting married in Nov so I was going back and fourth between that and the seafood risotto for the appetizer and we are def getting the filet lignin as our beef and the Vienese hour for dessert.

    I can not believe we are only 5 months away...we can not wait!
  • @Jenn7778 Thank youuuu!! Yes she did a great job !! @ 5 months, I know it is going to go real quick!!!  The chargers, I got from Michaels during the fall when they went on sale... 
  • I don't know ladies I haven't heard from the manager in four days which I don't really like so I started looking at other places again. The last I spoke to him our date was open and it's like he disappeared. I don't feel like I should be chasing him when we're the ones paying. I'll keep you guys updated. Right now I'm waiting to hear from Tom from Nanina's In The Park.
  • That is weird. Michael is normally super responsive...like he has called or emailed me back the same day every time I have every reached out. I know this is their busy time so I might try and call him again.
  • So the manager was on vacation at the Primavera and now I feel bad since he is such a nice guy. FYI- Nanina's in The Park, they are rude idc how nice they look I wouldn't pay for their rudeness.... Anyway, did any of you ladies have you ceremony on site at the Primavera? I'm worried about having enough time to take pictures if we leave during cocktail hour to go to a lake that is local and make it back in time to be introduced into the reception. The owner suggested that I take pictures with just my bridal party earlier during the day and have my fiance take pictures with his party earlier during the day then to just take pictures together at the Primavera. I was hoping to get pictures with all of them by the lake.
  • We are having a joint Jewish/catholic ceremony at my fiancés church and are taking all our pictures before the ceremony because we did not want to miss the amazing cocktail hour. We are doing a first look at the park before the ceremony.

    My photographer has allotted 2 hours for all the pictures with he bridal party and immediate family so I think if you try to squeeze them all in after the ceremony it will cut it close no matter where it is, especially since you want to take them offsite.

    I am so glad you got ahold of him! It sounded strange because he has been more responsive then any 1 of my other vendors!
  • @Knottie69757596  Hi!! Yea that is a tough call,  I had my ceremony at my family church which is about 20 minutes or so away and we took pics at a location that was on the way to Primavera's....but I had a gap and light refreshments in between, which I am happy I did because family got an opportunity to take pics, mingle amongst each other, once they got to the reception strangers was now friends and family and it was time to party!!!

    I don't know how you feel about it, but like @Jenn7778, maybe consider a first look??  Then do your bridal party pics then....this way you can get the pics out of the way before the ceremony, get your pics at the lake, & enjoy your cocktail hour......

    And yes Mike is on point...I am happy to hear you were able to get in contact with him, because I was going to say there was not one day I went without him returning my calls or answering the phone :)

    Also depending on the time of the ceremony this may give you even more flexibility with your pics as far as time...
  • Well ladies in the interim of waiting for Mike to get back from vacation we actually put a deposit on another venue (the atrium country club) in order to reserve our date since it was the last Saturday available next year in august. We have the tasting on Wednesday, if we don't like the food we get our deposit back so I'm crossing fingers because it's so much larger than the primavera and they also do one wedding at a time. Have any of you ladies attended an event there?
  • I have never been there but have heard mixed reviews about the service and the food. Like any venue, I have seen rave reviews and not so good reviews. I would see how the tasting goes and go from there.
  • @Jenn7778 I've read only one negative food review since the turn over. I know a few people that have been there and said the food is good. So I'm crossing my fingers because it is considerably larger than the primavera and has a much nicer ballroom, so we shall see.
  • I just looked at their website and I think it is going to come down to what you like. For me I am not a huge fan of the draping around the chandeliers or the carpeting at Attrium. I like the look of Primavera better...but that is why they have apples and oranges right! Lol
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    edited May 2015
    Jenn7778 said:
    I just looked at their website and I think it is going to come down to what you like. For me I am not a huge fan of the draping around the chandeliers or the carpeting at Attrium. I like the look of Primavera better...but that is why they have apples and oranges right! Lol
    I would not let carpeting be the dealbreaker.  It's not important to your guests.  In fact, I can't remember the carpeting at ANY of the weddings I've ever been to.  The food on the other hand.....THAT'S what matters to your guests and that's what they'll remember.  :)
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