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New Jersey

Wedding Venue pricing! The Imperia, The Bridgewater Manor, primavera regency



  • Jenn7778Jenn7778 member
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    That is exactly why I chose my venue...best wedding food I have ever had and it is consistently good. People are still raving about the food at our friends wedding and that was 2 years ago!

    But to say the decor shouldn't matter is just silly. If the carpeting, walls, fabric draping the ceiling/walls does not match the aesthetic you are going for then you are not going to choose that venue. If you want a modern feel at your wedding you are not going to choose a venue that has a traditional feel and vice versa. The decor at the venue is going to dictate the feel of the wedding and the other decor of the night...to me this was a big deal...to you it might not have been.
  • @Jenn7778 and @ JoanE2012 I don't think I liked the carpeting at any of the venues I've seen and the only wedding I've been to where I can clearly remember liking the floor was The Venetian lol. I actually like the drapes around the chandeliers at the Atrium. So far the people I have talked to that have been to The Atrium fairly recently liked the food. I kind of also need some where with a larger inside because we're not getting married in a church, we are doing an outside ceremony. If it rains we're stuck in doors for pictures at the venue only.
  • Update! The tasting at The Atrium went great I'm happy that we waited to do the tasting there. The food is really, really good and the gentleman we are working with is wonderful I honestly couldn't be happier!
  • Jenn7778Jenn7778 member
    100 Comments 25 Love Its First Answer First Anniversary
    edited June 2015
    That is awesome! So glad that you found your venue! Now everything else can fall into place.
  • AWESOME SAUCE!!! Congrats honey!!
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