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Help me style this!

Hi everyone. In three weeks I'm getting married in a courthouse (which is actually a palace!) in front of our parents and the large, evening reception is a week later. I know that's taboo on The Knot, but in the country I live in it's not. (There's no word for "wedding"; the ceremony and the reception are different) Because I'm not going straight from the ceremony to the reception I wanted to find a look that was bridal, but not too bridal. I bought the dress and shoes pictured below and I will wear them for both events, but I'm not sure what else to wear. Should I accessorize differently for the daytime ceremony (formal palace with gardens, but just our parents) and the evening reception (more modern restaurant in the old town)? Any suggestions of specific accessories? 

The dress looks more overtly sexy on my figure than it does on the model. The other thing to take into account is that my hair is straight and will be down, so hair accessories are tricky.

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