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We're having a photo session before the ceremony, around our hotel. (Staying and wedding at Caesars). The ceremony starts at 7. I'm not sure what time they will seat guests but I do not want to run into my guests before the ceremony. I want to be hidden before guests get to the venue. But I also don't want to sit around fully dressed up for hours.

What would be an ideal time for the shoot?

Also, is one hour generally enough time? I'm debating between one and two hours. Not much travel involved so I'm really not sure. But an additional hour is another $800. So if I can pull it off in one hour that would help.

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  • I would say that's a little tricky if your guests are staying at the hotel. For example, we did photos and first look in areas that guests couldn't access then while we were waiting for our party bus, several guests were randomly in the lobby and saw me. I freaked out for a few minutes because they wanted to take photos. I think it may be hard to not see any of your guests unless you are in a more restricted area...if you are out by the fountains or more public areas, they may be coming/going. 

    I have not seen all my photos but one thing I do wish is that I had stayed at a more central location and had photos taken. Time just went so fast with traveling that I feel I did not get all the photos I had hoped for. I would go with 2 hours. 
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    Only a handful of guests are staying at the hotel (out of 60). I was hoping to finish the shoot before other guests arrive from their hotels. Of course our bridal party and parents will see us. But I'm thinking of maybe telling guests to arrive at the hotel 6-6:30. And just making sure I'm done with the photos well before 6. (So maybe 3:30-5:30 or 4:30-5:30)

    I'm really thinking of adding another hour, just so I can make sure I'm able to get great shots. Quality over quantity, you know.

    Did your shoot just include you and your husband? Or did you include your bridal party, if you had one. I'm trying to decide how I would split the time.
  • $800/hour sounds like Cashman or Imagine Studios pricing?  I'd recommend hiring a third party photog to do your pre and post-ceremony photos; will be much cheaper and typically much better quality, and you get all the digitals for free, not for $500 to $1500 or more.

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    Yep. Imagine Studios.
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    I strongly recommend doing two hours. Wedding photos take a really long time.
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    1 hour is not enough I'm afraid if you are planning to walk around the hotel.. Another photographer would be better and cheaper, and you can choose someone whose work you like rather than a random photographer sent by the company. Also you can cover up with a light jacket or something while walking around in case anyone sees you, so they don't see all of you :)

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  • Great suggestion Londongirl! I've decided to book more time. Still deciding between two photographers.
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    If guests see you, it's really not the end of the world. I ran in to quite a few during our pictures before the ceremony and you're so swept up in everything, you will hardly notice or comprehend that omg a guest saw you. Just enjoy it all!
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