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Recently, I inquired about flowers for my wedding.  Having ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen the cost of flowers was outrageous and way out of our budget.  I have been able to find a non floral replacement for my ladies with lanterns and fairy lights, but I am not sure what to give the groomsmen as a replacement.  My fiance has told me that the men will not care if they don't have anything, however I feel somewhat bad.  Have any of you who did not do floral boutonnieres find any replacements?   

Re: Boutonniere replacements

  • Pocket squares? May be just as expensive though. What abut a grocery store floral department? Mine does bouts. for way cheaper than a florist.
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    I feel like the pocket squares for our groomsmen were something like $5 a piece. Definitely a super cheap alternative. You could also go with nothing at all. I don't think it's against etiquette or anything like that to not have flowers.

  • Here's a pretty detailed DIY boutonniere tutorial, and Pinterest has lots of non-floral bout ideas. If your girls are carrying lanterns with fairy lights, some small found objects (keys, buttons, etc.) with ribbon will probably go perfectly.
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  • At it's very simplest form, a boutonnière is just a flower stuck in a buttonhole. It doesn't need to be elaborate or expensive. 
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    I DIYed all our flowers, and made the bouts and corsages out of artificial flowers to match the real ones. I think I spent about $45 on all the supplies to make 14 bouts and 3 corsages.
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