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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

When did it feel "real?"

Well, as I have mentioned in several other posts tonight, I got married a week and two days ago! The whole day was absolutely beautiful, and everything went better than I expected! We just got back from our wonderful honeymoon at Walt Disney World...

So I was just wondering for you ladies that are already married, when did it feel real that you were married and no longer just engaged? Or is there ever a moment where it feels different?

We had been living together for about a month before the wedding, so I guess now that the wedding-ness is over, it sorta feels like life as we knew it has continued. I am still ridiculously happy, and still feel like I'm honeymooning (despite having to go back to work tomorrow)!

Not that it's a bad thing, but I guess I just expected there to be a feeling that went along with being "married." Maybe I'm just silly, lol.
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