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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

They really are mean

I read a post a while back about people on the Nest are mean...and they are. It doesn't seem like any of the boards actually talk about their title and if you try, other posters make fun of you. I just read a thread from a woman who can't sleep in the same bad with her husband and they blasted her! I felt bad because I have the same issue and while we deal with it, it's disheartening because you just don't picture marriage as sleeping in different rooms. Thankfully some people did gave rational responses. Planning a wedding is difficult. Marriage is difficult. I know life is hard but it's made easier when there are people you can talk to and relate to which is what I thought this was about. Anyways, this is a venting post and just wanted to see if anyone agrees. I'm sure I'll get some negative replies but I'm a big girl...

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